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    What is the fee structure for MBA course in IIM(s)?

    sir/madam my aim s MBA in iim..how to apply 4 tat..then also want to know abt fee structure..send to my mail id...thank u..

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    sushma veeraganti
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    Re: What is the fee structure for MBA course in IIM(s)?

    hello...... India's most prestigious B-schools make a revision in their fee structure so am giving you few to get idea
    IIM Ahmedabad Rs 14.4 lakh
    IIM Bangalore Rs 13 lakh
    IIM Calcutta Rs 13.5 lakh
    IIM Lucknow Rs 8 lakh
    IIM Kozhikode Rs 10 lakh
    IIM Indore Rs 12 lakh
    IIM Indore Rs 12 lakh
    IIM Shillong Rs 10 lakh
    IIM Rohtak Rs 9 lakh
    IIM Jaipur Rs 9 lakh
    IIM Ranchi Rs 9 lakh
    IIFT Rs 10 lakh
    FMS Rs 21,000 (approx)
    SPJIMR Rs 8.7 lakh
    XLRI Rs 12 lakh
    XIMB Rs 7.8 lakh wish u a good luck

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    Re: What is the fee structure for MBA course in IIM(s)?


    Its really great that you aim so high in your life.May you get all the success in life.There are 13 IIMs in india & each year they increase the fees structure by almost 5-10% .for the year 2013 the fees will probably be from rs.[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"] 8,00,000 to 17,00,000[/COLOR] depending on the location of the college.

    You need to be determined , hard working and sincerity in studies and alertness for current affairs can make you pass the entrance of CAT with good %.And for this obviously you will have to take the assistance of some reputed coachings which helps in the preparation of these exams.for sure there is a lot of investment when it comes to the coachings and study material and college fees.

    keep yourself updated and prepare for the exams as it will at least a year or so.you can either go for the coachings along with your graduation course and appear for CAT exams which will definitely give you success.

    All the best!!!!

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    Vishnu Prabhu281095
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    Re: What is the fee structure for MBA course in IIM(s)?

    Institute Fees No. of Seats Cut-offs
    Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad INR 15.5 Lacs 380 99+
    Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore INR 15 Lacs 350 90
    Indian Institute of Management-Kolkata INR 13.5 Lacs 450 95+
    Indian Institute of Management-Indore INR 6.5 Lacs 450 90
    Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow INR 6.5 Lacs 356 95+
    Indian Institute of Management-Ranchi INR 6 Lacs 60 90
    Indian Institute of Management-Raipur INR 4 Lacs 120 80
    Indian Institute of Management-Kashipur INR 8 Lacs 60 75
    Indian Institute of Management-Shillong INR 4 Lacs 60 94.5
    Indian Institute of Management-Udaipur INR 4 Lacs 120 80
    Indian Institute of Management-Rohtak INR 6.1 Lacs 120 85
    Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode INR 9.7 Lacs 300 85
    Indian Institute of Management- Tiruchirappalli INR 10 Lacs 120 80

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    Re: What is the fee structure for MBA course in IIM(s)?

    Hello Friend ,

    To apply for MBA course in IIMS Institute , you need to sit for an MBA entrance exam that is CAT conducted by IIM's institute only . You need to appear for CAT exam , and have to qualify with a good percentile say above 90 percentile in order to get admission in any of the IIMS branch of Institute .

    CAT exam generally conducted in the month of Oct-Nov. so you need to apply for CAT exam ( registration ) Jul-Sept 2013.


    IIM (A) - RS 15.5 LAC

    IIM (B) -RS 15 LAC

    IIM (C) - RS 13.5 LAC

    IIM (L) -RS 13 LAC

    IIM (I) -RS 12 LAC


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