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    Good choice between MBA and M.Sc after Under graduation in Microbiology?

    What will actually be a good choice..MBA or Msc after my Ug in Microbiology.!??

    At present I am doing my final yr in Bsc. Microbiology..I don't even know wat to do..either Msc in Microbiology(any field, say allied, food, or even medical ) or else MBA in Hospitality and Management..I am totally stuck.,and I am in an urge to start vit my career and the time is also less..So pls do answer my question whether MBA or Msc vil do gud fa me and my future.And abt the scopes of MBA in India too.., coz I have to get settled vit my career ( say vit in atleast 3 yrs )
    Regards ramya .!

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