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    Download Microsoft Placement Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Microsoft Corporation is an American Multinational Corporation operating with its headquarters in Washington at the United State of America. The company creates, produces, licenses and offers support to a wide range of products and services that are predominantly known in the world of computers. The company was established in the year 1975 and it dominated the home computer operating system with MS-Dos in the mid 1980s and this was followed by the line of operating system ‘window’ introduced by Microsoft.

    Recruitment by Microsoft:

    Microsoft is a big name in the IT world and it is the dream of many candidates to find job opportunity in this firm. The company recruits candidates for its offices located in different parts of the world through different means. Irrespective of the means of selection, the company conducts recruitment examination for selection of appropriate candidates.

    Pattern of Microsoft placement exam:

    Microsoft placement exam will be in the following format:

    Question paper will have three sections namely:

    • Analytical
    • Reasoning and logical
    • Verbal

    Analytical questions will be easy for attempting and when it comes to logical quations, there will be questions pertaining to data sufficiency and comparing similarity. Verbal section will have questions of similar meaning, antonyms, passages and synonyms. In addition to these questions, of course there will be technical questions for testing the technical ability of the candidates.

    Previous Years question papers:

    Microsoft aspiring candidates can practice with the help of previous years placement papers from the attachment.

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