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    Download BAAN Placement Previous Years Question Papers

    BAAN was a vendor of the Enterprise Resource Planning popularly known as ERP Software and is it now being owned by the Info Global Solutions. BAAN was formed in the year 1978 at Bernaveld, Netherlands and it has its office in the city of Hyderabad in India. Baan Corporation was established by Jan Baan with a view to offer administrative and financial consultancy services. The company is mainly engaged in computer software industry and it is also acting as a hybrid manufacturing company and it is also dealing with project, electronics, automatic and process industries and they are using their products for streamlining their business process.

    Recruitment Process in BAAN:

    Baan recruits technical candidates through placement examination and the written examination will have three sections namely:



    The English section of Baan placement paper will have questions from grammar and reading comprehension, while the aptitude section will have very simple aptitude questions on percentages and other basic stuff. The Technical Part of the question paper will have questions from SQL since they mainly work of SQL and RDBMS.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Candidates, who are experts in the field of IT can find job placement in BAAN and these candidates can practice for placement examination with the attached model question papers.
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