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    Which would be the best course if a student wants to do it in correspondence mode?

    Hey guys,
    I'm really in need of some serious help cuz my friend's stuck up in a tough situation. She discontinued both B.Sc and B.E. as she could not cope up with the subjects, and now she's decided to take up a course in correspondence. She's already wasted 4 years of her life, so this must be a crucial decision. She desperately wants to complete a basic degree despite backing out of two courses. She's been unfortunate, but, now she's made up her mind to work hard in her academics. I really need your suggestions about the course which would benefit her. She stays in Bangalore. I would be grateful if any of the experts here suggest the best option for her to get a degree to her name, She's thinking of doing a correspondence course along with additional competitive courses, which might help her. But, mainly, what she's looking to get a degree. She's interested in doing BBM, but are parents aren't too keen about it.

    > which would be the best degree for her?
    > If she chooses for a correspondence course, which is the best course she can choose? And, which is the best place to apply for the same?

    I'm really in need of help. She's depressed and wants to achieve something in life. I would be grateful to get a few suggestions. Thanks.

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    Re: Which would be the best course if a student wants to do it in correspondence mode?

    Hello friend your friend needs to complete the degree course in B.A because its the best and simple without any problem and also after her corresponding completed in 3 year after that she can do her BBA after her degree course from a govt authorised university.

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