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    Will I get decent salary package by studying B.Com (Hons) after 12th (Commerce) with computer science? Will I be able to cope up with subjects in B.Com Hons being a average student?

    can i do b.com (hon) ?
    hi i am a very very average student who took commerce with computer science in +2 and i just wanted to get a decent package (kind of good) salary to make my parents happy after a lots and lots of research i thought of doing b.com(hon) but i came to know that i have to study both mathematics and business maths that too (advanced business maths) i know nothing about it . i even thought of working in any bank or some thing like that .my parents are uneducated and poor but one thing that they know is that "education is our wealth " help me out with this problem please ..i badly need ur help

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