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    Will I get admission in B.Com (Hons) after taking commerce without maths in 12th?

    I am in 12th now and will give my board exam in 2013. I have taken commerce without maths but I have economics as my subject. so will I get admission in b.com (hons).

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    Re: Will I get admission in B.Com (Hons) after taking commerce without maths in 12th?

    Yes absolutely,
    The subjects t hat you have taken are good and will help you further. If you are not confident in any subject then its best to leave that subject and take up other subject combination in your major and pass.
    In commerce you can take business economics, managerial subjects, accountancy, business statistics, etc. it does not mean that since I have mentioned all these subjects you cannot take outside them or you
    have to take all these subjects. Take those as pass which suits you the best. Already you have Economics as one your subjects. you did not mention whether the subject was pass or honors. But I will take
    that this subject as your pass one. So depending on your college you will have to take either one or two more pass subjects. In your honors subject please take the one that has hardcore commerce domain in it. So that subject should not managerial economics or just economics, etc. You can take Business Stats or Accounts or business management as your major subject. So good luck.

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