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    Which will have wide scope between Human Resource Management and Marketing according to present market?

    hello sir/mam
    which has wider scope human resouce management or marketing in todays world

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    Re: Which will have wide scope between Human Resource Management and Marketing according to present market?

    dear MBA is not an end itself ,but it was a starting of many managerial skills to put together to get good output,
    MBA degree supply three main value propositions like
    • skills,
    • networks,
    • and brand,
    you must have the hard skills in
    • economics,
    • finance,
    • marketing,
    • operations,
    • management,
    • and accounting,as well as the
    • soft skills of leadership,
    • team work,
    • ethics,and communication which will be more critical for your management skills,

    you can select any kind of specialization for you,depend upon your interest , both human resource and marketing are important specialization to choose but management has more scope than human resource.
    human resource management is specialized function dedicated to the entire gamut of activities concerning peoples,
    the human resource is divided into three areas
    • plant personnel,
    • corporate personnel,
    • HRD,
    in sales and marketing MBA is recruited with 2-3 areas
    • sales management,
    • brand management,
    you have to give entrance exams to admission into these colleges
    • CAT,
    • MAT,
    • OPEN MAT,
    • XAT,
    • GMAT,
    • BIMT,
    • OPENMAT,
    among all the above entrance exams the most important one is CAT if you want to get admission in top colleges like ,
    IIM than you have to crack CAT entrance exam.MAT is also one of the most important exam ,
    this entrance exam is for IIM'S mainly and most of the colleges calculate CAT score for the MBA admission and more than 30+ institutes prefer CAT scores for selection, so dear you have to work hard in this entrance exam.
    the test consists of
    • quantitative aptitude
    • reading comprehension,
    • verbal ability,
    • data interpretation,
    • reasoning,
    • data sufficiency,
    MAT(management aptitude test)
    all india management association (AIMA)has been providing the service of aptitude test since 1988 under the scheme of all indian management aptitude testing service,
    this test was conducted four times per year
    this exam also consists of negative marks for wrong answering.
    if you cracked the CAT than you have to face the group discussions and personnel interview which carries 50 to 60 percent.
    so dear all the best

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    Re: Which will have wide scope between Human Resource Management and Marketing according to present market?

    doing MBA is a good trend nowadays, many engineering students also choose MBA and do post graduation in that.

    so. between Human Resource and Marketing you can choose any of the specialization you want according to your interest.


    ->In this specialization student need to learn to deal with people to rightly understand the strength and weakness of the person.
    ->Human resources is most important asset of any organization.
    ->This specialization Candidate deal people with in the organization or people who are about to join the organization.
    ->if you are good with people and can understand their plus and minus and your communication skills are also very good you should choose this specialization.


    ->In Marketing we learn how to sell the Product Concept in Detailing.
    ->It include adverting, dealing with people ,creativity and many other related things.
    ->If you are good with people and have very good communication skills.
    ->If you have creativity in you than you should choose this specialization.

    But if we talk about market trends then, MARKETING has more scope than any other specialization like HR, Finance, etc...
    It is the most earning sector and have many jobs.

    Many top companies hire MBA Marketing employees are:

    McKinsey & Company
    Bain & Company
    Boston Consulting Group
    Goldman Sachs Group
    Walt Disney
    Blackstone Group
    Johnson and Johnson

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