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    Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?

    Good Evening
    Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?

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    Re: Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?

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    Good Evening
    Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?

    You have to study MBA with HR(Human Relationship) stream because ;

    HR is a people function and people skill which every individual should have whether MBA or not.

    Some people are deft in handling or dealing all kinds of people i.e., ranging from tolerable ones to adamant ones.

    This is an inherent ability and people with MBA HR may not have sometimes.

    But MBA HR students are trained only in range of people related functions. They always think people and nothing else. Their supremacy over non MBA HR surfaces only at this point.

    They are trained about people. Also the training is more organized, relevant, situation-based thus giving a wholesomeness to the area of HR. These people become competent in training others which Non MBA HRs can't do.

    Eligibility Criteria for MBA HR :

    • You should have a 3 year degree from a recognized university.
    • You must have atleast 50% through out your academics.
    • You can write if you are in final year also
    • If you have any backlogs left, then you are not eligible !!

    You can go for the following specializations also in MBA besides HR :

    MBA - Hospitality Management
    MBA - Hotel Management
    MBA - Information Technology
    MBA - Infrastructure Management
    MBA - Insurance & Risk Management
    MBA - International Business
    MBA - Logistics
    MBA - Marketing
    MBA - Materials Management

    All the best

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    Re: Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?

    To reep the benefits of MBA course with HR specialization, you should have to go through MBA with HR specialization.

    Candidates who are going to join HRs in various organizations will perform several activities like
    -Performance Appraisal
    -Conflict Management
    -Manpower control

    Right candidate should be given opportunity to a particular job to perform various activities related to that job in a better manner. This has to be done by HR.

    There should not be any disputes among workers. Even if there are any disputes, they should be resolved immediately by HR. Otherwise, the employees can not perform well which will result in the decrease of productivity. So,a HR play major role in the settlement of disputes.

    The employee will be rewarded for his best performance and should be given promotion depending upon his good performance. This will make the employee to be motivated and to perform more better.
    For this, to evaluate the performance of employees, performance appraisal should be done accurately and appropriately by HR.

    Each and every employee should be given training upon various activities that he is going to perform so that he is having complete information with himself of what to do and what outcome have to be achieved and the way to achieve the same.

    HR should not be aggressive and have to take into consideration of views of various people.

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    Re: Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Good Evening
    Why to study MBA with HR Specialization?
    Hi there!
    >>HR(human resources) is a very good and high paying job yielding specialization in MBA.
    >>Every company has its own HR department.
    >>The HR people handles the following jobs:
    -Defining the new vacancies in the companies
    -Conducting recruitment programs
    -Managing the behavioural aspects of the employees
    -Managing the salary increments of demotions of the employees
    -Arranging cultural programs for the employees
    >>It is pretty clear that you must have very good communication skills to excel in your HR position.
    >>Every good colleges in India provide the same.

    All the best.......

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