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    Why Pharmacy has Less opportunities,Jobs and also Salaries?

    pharmacy is an evergreen field. but why less oppurtunities ,jobs,salaries ?

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    Re: Why Pharmacy has Less opportunities,Jobs and also Salaries?

    Dear friend,
    In INDIA pharmacy is not so much developed and popular. in our country it has very less scope because at this time also the traditional treatment are used by a huge populations they are not totally depend on the allelopathy. so this sector has less opportunities,jobs and also salaries,

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    Re: Why Pharmacy has Less opportunities,Jobs and also Salaries?

    Dear freind,your thinking somewhere wrong.One side you are accepting that pharmacy is evergreen field and other hand you are saying that it have less job,salaries,etc. Let me explane you that pharmacy is very big field where manufacturing of drugs are carried out,a four year course is just design to provide you a complete knowledge of pharmacy,drugs,chemical constituents,etc. Here i am providing you job aspects after completing pharmacy,you can go for manufacturing,as analyst,pharmacist,drug inspector,quality controller,food inspector,clinics. These are jobs that are available just after completing pharmacy course.You may know that there are very big companies who are providing various jobs for pharmacy students,companies are as Cipla,cadila,ranbaxy,wipro,eli lily,nestle.Now if you are talking of salaries then you must know that starting salary of every private field is low,give time and collect experience then you will get good salary.

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