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    Who found Microscope? How does it work?

    Who found Microscope? How does it work?
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    Re: Who found Microscope? How does it work?


    A Microscope is Greek Word Which Form by Two Words - Mikros+Skopion

    Meaning of Microscope Word:- Mikros = Small and Skopion = See

    Microscope Is Generally Use for Observe That Things which we Can'tr See Naked Eyes. The science of investigating small objects using such an instrument is called microscopy.
    Microscope Discovered By ZACCHARIAS JANSSEN in 1509. This Man is Dutch.

    Types of Microscope:

    Scanning probe

    Working process:

    It consists of a single convex lens, or magnifying glass, or of a combination of lenses that has the same effect.
    The object being viewed is placed close to one lens system, called the objective, which forms an image, called the primary image.
    This image in turn is the object that is magnified by the second system of lenses, called the eyepiece. The image seen by the eye is produced by the eyepiece at the normal distance of clearest vision.

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