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    Where in Namibia can I get job after studying Microbiology course as major and biochemistry as minor in degree? What are the career possibilities for this course? Is it possible to become a Pharmacist or a doctor after studying microbiology?

    I am a student at UNAM studying microbiology as a major and biochemistry as a minor course, being a pharmasist or a doctor is my everysecond dream. i wanted to register for my intention course but i can say we dont get what we want in Namibia,,though i obtained 41 points in 5 subjects and 47 in 6, i was nt admitted to study medicine or pharmacy and this forced me to registered for the course that i wasnt aware of, i didnt hear about it before and its killing i. it steals my vital lifestyle as i cannt be serious with something that i dont knw, it took me from a straight Astudent to a Bstudent now. pls tell me more about microbiology, its careers, places of jobs in namibia and why it is important or not. cannt wait for your help! (h.p.daniel)

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