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    When will we get the result of B.Com 1st year?

    hello sir/mam

    on which date result will come of b.com 1st yr

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    Re: When will we get the result of B.Com 1st year?

    Hi dear,
    From the date that you posted the question, I am guessing that your examination took place in around September. Since you did not mention your examination as a semester and mentioned it as a yearly one,
    I would say that it would take sometime for the results to be out. Probably towards the end of the month of January, you will get the results. See since it is a yearly examination, it is quite evident that your college falls under certain university. Along with your college many other colleges fall under the same university. So it is not only your result, many other colleges have their results pending. All the results come out together. So when all the results of all colleges affiliated under that university is coordinated together, then your result will come out. In the mean time you just get your second year results ready.

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