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    When is the next Bar exam?

    when the next bar exam

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    vikash kumar prajapati
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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?

    The Bar Exam is conducted by the Bar Council of India.
    This exam is basically taken to judge your Capabilities at a basic level.

    This exam will be conducted in Nine Languages.
    These Languages are:-

    Feed details:-If you will appear in this exam then for the fist time if your appearing in this exam then you will have to paid Rs 1300 for appearing in All India Bar Examination.
    You will also provided the study materials for the first time which will study materials for this exam.

    If you have appear earlier in this exam then you will have to pay only Rs 700 for this exam.

    Questions pattern:-This exam will Include 100 multiple choice questions.
    The questions will be in two sections:-
    @Knowledge based

    Time duration:-The total duration for this exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes.you will have to give all the answers within this specified time.

    Syllabus for this exam:-The questions will be from the LLB 3 years and 5 years programmes Level which you have already studied .

    The questions that will be asked from the section I and in sections II are:-

    >>Alternative dispute resolution.
    >>Civil procedure code and limitation act
    >>Constitutional law
    >>Contract law
    >>Criminal law
    >>Criminal procedure
    >>Professional ethics
    >>Property law

    These questions will be asked in Section I and From Each subjects the total numbers of questions will be 7.

    The questions that will be asked from Section II are:-

    >>Administrative law
    >>Company law
    >>Environmental law
    >>Family law
    >>Human Rights law
    >>Labour Rights law
    >>Labour and Industrial law
    >>Law of tort
    >>Principles of Taxation law
    >>Public International Law

    Total number of questions from this section will be 23.

    Till now the exam date has been declared .But soon it will be declared till the end of September.

    In order to get the exam notifications you will have to visit Regularly to www.barcouncilofindia.org

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?

    All India Bar Council Exam (AIBE) test skills and basic
    knowledge to practice of the profession of law.
    This is intended to check for eligibility.........
    It occurs twice in a year. First in month of JUNE and other in JANUARY.........
    AIBE is conducted in nine languages and twenty seven examination centres across INDIA

    Application fees for AIBE is around 1300/-
    And after that for each examination you need to pay extra charges per examination..

    This has 100 multiple choice questions.....
    Its paper consists of two category

    Category 1 and category 2 both has 23 questions in all from atleast 5 subjects from administrative law

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?

    dear The January based bar exam was already completed and you have to wait for the November term exam which will be announced soon.
    law in India has from religious prescription to the current constitutional and legal system we have today, AIBE (all India bar examination) test your advocates ability of law in India.
    you have to enroll as an advocate under section 24 of the advocates act,1961 than you have to submit the suitable proof of such enrolment along with the application for all India bar examination.
    the motive of this exam is to to assess capabilities of the prospective advocates at a basic level , and is intended to set a minimum standard fro the admission to the practice of law.
    syllabus for the all India bar examination
    you have to read twenty subjects for this exam, as the syllabus consists of 20 subjects and these subjects are divided into two categories:
    There will be 7 questions and 3 questions from the category -1 and 4 questions from the category -2.
    • alternative dispute resolution,
    • civil procedure code and limitation act,
    • constitutional law,
    • contract law, including specific relief ,special contracts, and negotiable instruments.
    • criminal law 1, Indian penal code,
    • criminal procedure,
    • drafting, pleading and conveyancing,
    • evidence,
    • jurisprudence,
    • professional ethics and the professional code of conduct for the advocates,
    • property law,
    category -2
    • administrative law,
    • company law,
    • environmental law,
    • family law,
    • human rights law,
    • labor and industrial law,
    • law of tort, including motor accidents, and consumer protection law,
    • principles of taxation law,
    • public international law,
    the exam will be in 9 languages
    • Hindi,
    • English,
    • Bengali,
    • Gujrathi,
    • Oriya,
    • Telugu,
    • Marathi
    • Kannada,
    • and Tamil.
    All India bar examination will consists of 100 multiple choice questions spread across various subjects.
    You have to marks the correct answer in the OMR sheet.
    If you are writing this exam for the first time than you have to pay 1300 as fees,
    If you are writing this exam for the second time than you have to pay rs.700/-
    So dear all the best

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?

    if you want to know the time then i will tell you , The next All India Bar Exam (AIBE) would be held on 25 November 2012, announced the Bar Council of India (BCI) today.

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?


    The next BAR EXAMINATION is not declared but it may held in the month of Feb 2013 ( on Feb 26 and 27).
    Notification will be available on first week of September 2012.
    Or it may be occurred on
    JULY 2013 on ( 30 or 31 July)

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]hello friend
    as by latest news the bar examination is not yet declared but its tentative date is feb2013
    and the fixed date may be declared in last week of sep or first week of oct

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?

    hello friends:-

    The fourth All India Bar Examination (AIBE) would be held in August 2012, said Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra, although the planned AIBE board has not yet been constituted.

    The names of persons on the AIBE board would be finalised within a week, Mishra told Legally India today.

    The board would take decisions on all matters related to the conduct of the AIBE, he said, including deciding on an external agency that can assist the BCI with the exam.

    The BCI had met in Chandigarh on 5 May intending to decide the date of the fourth AIBE and to zero in on a third party agency, if any.

    While the BCI did not manage to make a call on those points, it did decide on the members, including Supreme Court and high court judges, vice chancellors of national law schools and some eminent advocates, who would sit on the board, said Mishra at the time.

    >February 2013

    Tue. Feb. 26th - Wed. Feb 27th First Week September 2012

    >July 2013

    Tue. July 30th - Wed. July 31st Early January 2013

    >February 2014

    Tue. Feb. 25th - Wed. Feb. 26th Early September 2013

    >July 2014

    Tue. July 29th - Wed. July 30th Early January 2014

    best of luck.

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    Re: When is the next Bar exam?


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