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    When is the next Bar Council exam?

    when the next bar council exam will be going on

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    Re: When is the next Bar Council exam?

    Hello Friend !!

    AIBE -- All India Bar Examination.

    --> This is an entrance exam conducted by Bar Council of India.

    --> This is conducted to test an advocate’s ability to practice law.

    --> It is required for an advocate to pass this examination to practice law.

    --> An advocate may appear for the examination any number of times.

    --> Once the advocate passes the examination, he/she will be entitled to a Certificate of Practice.

    Important Dates of AIBE :

    The first AIBE ever was conducted on 6 March 2011.

    The second AIBE was held on 24 July 2011

    The third AIBE was held on 8 January 2012.

    The fourth All India Bar Examination (AIBE) will be held on 25 November 2012 with no chances of postponement.

    Watch this Video for Application Process :

    Questions in the Examination are asked from following Topics :

    1 Alternative Dispute Resolution

    2 Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

    3 Constitutional Law

    4 Contract Law, including Specific Relief, Special Contracts, and Negotiable Instruments

    5 Criminal Law I: The Indian Penal Code

    6 Criminal Procedure

    7 Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing

    8 Evidence

    9 Jurisprudence

    10 Professional Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct for Advocates

    11 Property Law

    12 Administrative Law

    13 Company Law

    14 Environmental Law

    15 Family Law

    16 Human Rights Law

    17 Labour and Industrial Law

    18 Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Consumer Protection Law

    19 Principles of Taxation Law

    20 Public International Law

    Good Luck !!

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    Re: When is the next Bar Council exam?

    dear The Bar Council of India (BCI) decided to conduct its mandatory entrance test for law graduates in December Instead of the earlier July-August schedule for the test it was decided to conduct the same in December to give sufficient time for preparation. The BCI had come out with the proposal to conduct entrance test for you before allowing to practice. However, there would be no bar on law graduates in getting enrolled before clearing the exams.
    the date has not been declared.

    law in India has from religious prescription to the current constitutional and legal system we have today, AIBE (all India bar examination) test your advocates ability of law in India.
    you have to enroll as an advocate under section 24 of the advocates act,1961 than you have to submit the suitable proof of such enrolment along with the application for all India bar examination.
    the motive of this exam is to to assess capabilities of the prospective advocates at a basic level , and is intended to set a minimum standard fro the admission to the practice of law.
    syllabus for the all India bar examination
    you have to read twenty subjects for this exam, as the syllabus consists of 20 subjects and these subjects are divided into two categories:
    There will be 7 questions and 3 questions from the category -1 and 4 questions from the category -2.
    • alternative dispute resolution,
    • civil procedure code and limitation act,
    • constitutional law,
    • contract law, including specific relief ,special contracts, and negotiable instruments.
    • criminal law 1, Indian penal code,
    • criminal procedure,
    • drafting, pleading and conveyancing,
    • evidence,
    • jurisprudence,
    • professional ethics and the professional code of conduct for the advocates,
    • property law,
    category -2
    • administrative law,
    • company law,
    • environmental law,
    • family law,
    • human rights law,
    • labor and industrial law,
    • law of tort, including motor accidents, and consumer protection law,
    • principles of taxation law,
    • public international law,
    the exam will be in 9 languages
    • Hindi,
    • English,
    • Bengali,
    • Gujrathi,
    • Oriya,
    • Telugu,
    • Marathi
    • Kannada,
    • and Tamil.
    All India bar examination will consists of 100 multiple choice questions spread across various subjects.
    You have to marks the correct answer in the OMR sheet.
    If you are writing this exam for the first time than you have to pay 1300 as fees,
    If you are writing this exam for the second time than you have to pay rs.700/
    all the best

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    Re: When is the next Bar Council exam?

    Hello Friends,

    The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) was conducted on June 6,2012 for the first time and it is conducted to test and advocate's ability to practice the profession of law in India.

    Application forms for the exam will be available at all the State Bar Councils.

    An advocate would have to pay Rs.1,300/- (Rupees One Thousand Three Hundred Only) as fees to appear for the All-India Bar Examination, which amount will include the cost of receiving preparatory materials.

    Advocates appearing more than once for the All India Bar Examination will be required to pay only Rs.700/- for repeat attempts, which amount shall not include the cost of receiving preparatory materials for the All India Bar Examination.

    The application form shall contain details of manner of payment of the fees for the All India Bar Examination.

    Exam information:

    The exam duration will be for 3 hours and 30 minutes with mainly multiple choice questions.

    The students will have to score a minimum of 40% marks to qualify this exam and there is no limitation to the number of times a student can take this exam.

    The next AIBE exam will be conducted around January 2013..

    The exam will be held on 2 parts:

    -->Part 1 of the Paper:

    *Alternative Dispute Resolution
    *Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
    *Constitutional Law
    *Contract Law, including Specific Relief and Special Contracts
    *Criminal Law I: The Indian Penal Code
    *Criminal Procedure
    *Drafting, Pleading, and Conveyancing
    *Professional Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct for Advocates
    *Property Law

    -->Part 2 of the Paper:

    *Administrative Law
    *Company Law
    *Environmental Law
    *Family Law
    *Human Rights Law
    *Labour and Industrial Law

    All the best............

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    Smile Re: When is the next Bar Council exam?

    Dear Friend!
    The next Bar Council Exam will be held on Sunday 25th November 2012

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