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    When can I apply for JAIIB exam?

    When can I apply for JAIIB exam?
    thank you.

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    Re: When can I apply for JAIIB exam?

    JAIIB aims at providing maximum level of basic knowledge in banking and financial systems, communication, and customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operation.
    the institute (Indian institute of banking and finance) conducts the following exams like
    a) for members
    • associate examination:JAIIB/CAIIB,
    • banking oriented paper in Hindi(BOPH),
    b) for non members
    • diploma in banking and finance,
    c)for members and also for the non members like
    • diploma in treasury, investment and risk management (DTIRM),
    • diploma in banking technology(DBT),
    • diploma in international banking and finance(DIBF),
    • post graduate diploma in financial management(DBFM)
    • certified information system banker(CeSIB).
    this examination has been divided into two parts namely,JAIIB and CAIIB.
    you can pass only after passing JAIIB,
    • principles of banking,
    • accounting and finance for bankers,
    • legal aspects of banking,
    • risk management,
    • financial management,
    • general bank management,
    eligibility for the JAIIB
    you have to pass m.com examination with accountancy as one of the subjects of any university, or you can have CA
    PGDBA in finance of IIM'S.

    pattern for the JAIIB,
    the JAIIB exam will be of fully objective type questions,
    you have to attempt 120 questions per subject with in 2 hours of duration,

    CAIIB eligibility
    you must have CA,

    pattern for the CAIIB,
    the CAIIB exam will be of fully objective type questions,
    you have to attempt 120 questions per subject with in 2 hours of duration,

    • 1st block of 2 attempts is rs.1200/-,
    • 2Nd block of 2 attempts is rs.1500/-,
    • 1st block of 2 attempts is rs.1500/-,
    • 2Nd block of 2 attempts is rs.1800/-,
    procedure to apply
    you have to download the application form from the official web site (www.iibf.org.in).
    you can download it and you can fill that,
    the applications will be available in institute's of zonal offices,
    corporate office and other institutes .
    • last date to receipt of application is on 29-02-2012.
    • for the principals and practice of banking the exam date is on 13-05-2012,
    • for the accounting and finance of bankers is on 20-05-2012,
    • for the legal regulatory of aspects of banking is on 27-05-2012.
    so dear you have to prepare well for this exam.
    all the best

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    Re: When can I apply for JAIIB exam?

    Indian Institute of Banking and Finance invites applications from the candidates for Jaiib exam conducted in May.. You are eligible only if-:
    1)you are ordinary member of Institute i.e working in the banking and finance industry can apply for membership
    2)you must have passed matriculation examination or its equivalent...the Institute may,however,at its discretion allow any candidate from clerical or supervisor staff cadre of banks on the recommendations of the manager of the bank( officer-in charge of bank's office when he is working even if you are not matriculate).
    3)if you are subordinate staff of recognised banking/financial institution
    Question paper contain approximate 120 objective type multiple choice questions carrying 100 marks

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    Re: When can I apply for JAIIB exam?

    You download this file here you find a more detail go this link.iib.sify.net/products/exam/jaiib.pdf

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    Re: When can I apply for JAIIB exam?


    JAIIB exam is conducted by a institute called Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) and this institute conducts the JAIIB exam and CAIIB exam.

    This institute is distance learning institute which offers students diploma and certificate courses for those who wanted to pursue a career in the financial sector.

    JAIIB stands for Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) and this course is to provide basic knowledge in the various operations of the banking sector.[/I][/B]

    There is some eligibility criteria to appear for the exam and that is:


    1)You have to be a member of IIBF and Members are those individuals who are Life members of the Institute and are employees of a banking establishment or financial institution or any other institution, which is an Institutional Member of the Institute.

    2)Except for ASSOCIATE (JAIIB/CAIIB) Examinations., Non-Members can apply only for Diploma and Certificate Examinations.

    3)You must have passed the matriculation exam and if you haven't passsed then the candidates with the recommendation from the bank Manager can apply for this Course.

    To fill the application form you have to buy the application form from the institute or you can download it from the official website and pay the fees through Online Banking.

    This exam is conducted two times a year in the month of May-June and November-December.

    The examination fees is:

    For the first block of 2 attemtps: Rs 2100/-
    For the seconf block of 2 attemtps: Rs 2100/-

    The official website is :: www.iibf.org.in


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