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    What is the weightage of IPE marks to get into JNTU?

    What the weightage marks to get in to jntu

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    Re: What is the weightage of IPE marks to get into JNTU?

    Hello Friend !!

    I guess you are asking about Intermediate Marks Weight-age in order to get into Graduation from JNTU.

    The Weight-age of IPE to get into JNTU is 50% from IPE.

    JNTU -- Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

    JNTU is spread all over India, you can see a University named JNTU in every state and that too in every district.

    JNTU introduce a New Scheme called IPE Weight-age from the year 2009.

    The objective of the scheme is :

    Any Entrance Exam you appear for admission into JNTU, the Total Marks of the Entrance Exam includes the 50% weight-age of Intermediate.

    For e.g consider EAMCET entrance exam, this is conducted for admission into Engineering Courses.

    If you have got 80% in your Intermediate, and you are appearing for EAMCET, then this become an advantage for you to get good Rank in the Examination than your Actual Rank.

    The reason is, the Rank in the EAMCET examination is decided based upon your Performance in the Examination and also Performance in the Intermediate, this type of introduction is called Weight-age of IPE.

    This Weight-age scheme is introduced because :

    1. Many of the Students are doing well in the IPE Syllabus of Intermediate and not concentrating on other Entrances Exams, so this scheme helps the Students more who are doing well in IPE.

    2. Also some of them are targeting only Entrance Exams and leaving their regular IPE Syllabus, this will change the mentality of such students.

    So keeping this in mind, you start your preparation for IPE and entrance exams through which you want to get into JNTU.

    Give the importance equally to both IPE and other Entrance Exams.

    All the Best !!

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    Re: What is the weightage of IPE marks to get into JNTU?

    weightage for intermediate first year

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