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    What is UNICEF? What are its powers?

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    What is UNICEF? What are its powers?

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    Re: What is UNICEF? What are its powers?

    UNICEF is one of the biggest global organization working mainly for children. The expansion of UNICEF is United Nations Children's Fund. UNICEF works for the education and health care of the children all over the world. It protects the children from neglect, exploitation, and abuse. UNICEF also works during wars and natural disasters like the earthquakes, tsunami, famines, and floods. It also provides service to HIV patients. UNICEF focuses on the critical impact on children due to social and economic policy issues.

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    Re: What is UNICEF? What are its powers?

    UNICEF is the international organisaton works for people welfare

    few important area where it works for people are

    UNICEF supports the Government in its objectives to reduce and prevent malnutrition and to improve the development of children under three years old, especially those in marginalised groups.

    Water, environment and sanitation
    UNICEF supports the national and state governments in developing and implementing a range of replicable models for sanitation, hygiene and water supply.

    As a part of the joint UN response and within the context of NACP-III, UNICEF collaborates with the Government of India and other partners in four key programme areas we call the four Ps.

    The number of children who are not in school remains high and gender disparities in education persist despite a major improvement in literacy rates during the 1990s.

    Child protection
    UNICEF India’s programmatic approach to child protection aims to build a protective environment in which children can live and develop in the full respect of their fundamental rights.


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    Hello friend,

    UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.

    Following are the Focusing areas of UNICEF:

    Young Child Survival and Development.

    UNICEF focuses on the survival of young Infants and the children.UNICEF provides the new technologies in remote regions of the World in order to save the young infants from Death and other dreadful diseases.

    Basic Education and Gender Equality.

    UNICEF focuses on providing the basic Education facilities to the Children.UNICEF works tirelessly to ensure that every child regardless of gender,ethnicity,background- has a access to Quality Education.

    Prevention of HIV/AIDS from Mother to Children.

    UNICEF focuses on prevention of the dreadly disease like HIV/AIDS from Mother to the young one.UNICEF is trying to provide the existing Technologies and Medical facilities in the remote locations.

    Child Protection.

    UNICEF focuses on protecting the Children from Violence,Child Labour like evils.UNICEF organizes various Child Protection Campaigns regularly in order to ensure the Child Security.

    Policy Advocacy and Partnerships.

    UNICEF focuses on the critical impact social and Economic problems issues of Children.UNICEF subjects the National and International Policies to scrutiny against the norms and standards set out in the Discrimination against the women,Convention on the rights of the Child.

    For more information regarding UNICEF and its areas of Working,you can visit its official website http://www.unicef.org/

    All the best.

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