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    What type of Questions are asked in IBM Aptitude Test?

    i want the ibm apt test question types. please provide me here or attach any files regarding to it?
    thank you

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    Re: What type of Questions are asked in IBM Aptitude Test?

    Dear friend

    Aptitude section:
    1. Time problem - Three persons A,B,C are waiting for Train.A has
    to wait for sometime twice the time b has to wait.B has to wait
    till 4:48 and c has to wait 4:57. What is the time now?(I'm not
    sure abt the question, but the answer is correct).
    Ans : is 4.39

    2.Problem on probability - What is the probablity of two persons
    among the four having birthday in he same month?
    A. 75%
    B. 50%
    C. 33%
    Ans : I dont know the answer.

    3. A's salary is 25% more than B's salary.How much % is b's salary
    on A's salary?
    Ans : It's obviously 80%.

    4. A problem on Boats and Streams...There is a river. A boy's
    house is at the river bank and his school is on the other side of
    the river. The distance between house and school is 1/4 miles.The
    boy is going to school by swimming at the rate of 2.5mph.The
    river's upstream is 2mph.How long will it take him to reach the
    Ans : 30min.

    5. The diameter of a wheel is 1.26m.If this wheel rotates 500
    rotations, how long it can travel?
    Ans : 1.98km.

    6. If the ratio of speed of a train is 5:4:6 then what is ratio of
    the time taken to cover same distance?
    Ans : 12:15:10

    7. If five buds can make a full cigarette, how many cigarettes can
    we make with 121 buds?
    Ans : 30

    8. The ratio of radii of two cylinders is 2:3 and the ratio of
    their heights is 5:3. If the volume of the bigger cylinder is 27,
    then what is volume of the smaller one?
    Ans : 20

    9. If the sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9 less than
    the original number, then what is the 10s digit of the number?
    Ans : 1


    E N D

    + 5 G

    G A M E

    Here find the value of D?
    Ans : 8

    11. A squirrel problem

    12. Some people are standing square. From them 32 are removed and
    then form a small square and then 8 more removed. now we cannot
    form the square. so how many people are there at the beginning?
    Ans : 81

    13. A grandpa's age is sum of his four grandsons provided that the
    grandsons' ages are consecutive in number. Then what is the age of
    the grandpa?
    Ans : 78

    14.If 20 men can build a wall 56m long in 6 days, then what length
    of a similar wall can be built by 35 men in 3 days?
    Ans : 49

    15. If m power n = 121, then what is the value of (m-1) power
    Ans : 1000

    16. What is the condition for a singular matrix?
    Ans : All values of a row are 0 and all values of a column are 0.
    Note: For a matrix A, to be singular, The determinant value of
    that matrix should be 0,ie, |A|=0

    17. At 12 noon, Both hands of a clock meet together.After how many
    minutes can they meet again?
    Ans : 65:45min
    18. The average of first 50 natural numbers?
    Ans : 25.5
    19. There is 20 litre solution containing 10% water and 90%
    spirit. How much water should be added to make the solution
    containing 25% water?
    Ans : 4 litres.
    20. There are 20,6 and 9 rupees notes. you have to form 99 rupees
    with minimum number of notes.At what minimum number of notes you
    can achieve this?
    Ans : 8

    1. An attribute in a table that is related with primary key of the
    another table is called...
    Ans : Foreign key
    2. The scope of the static varaible is...
    Ans : function
    3. Which of the following has the function scope?

    D.Goto label
    E.All the above
    Ans : E.All the above
    4. Which one of the following is not related with files?

    A. fopen
    B. fclose
    C. freopn
    D. fftell
    E. none

    Ans: D
    5. Which one of the following is not a keyword?

    A. volatile
    B. inc
    C. sizeof
    D. default
    E. none

    Ans : B
    6. Rom is

    Ans : Volatile, cannot be changed and it contains boot up
    7. How many different binary trees can be formed by 4 nodes?
    Ans : 12 Note2 power n) - n
    8. char *p = (char *)10 means
    A.It points to the value at address 10.
    B.It returns the character whose ASCII value is 10.

    Ans : A
    9. Running time of a function f(n)=8T(n/2)+qn for n>1, where q is
    a constant...
    Ans : n power 3. (Check the answer)
    10. Order of Bubble sort
    Ans : O(n power 2)
    11. Writing comments

    A.Increases .exe file size.
    B.Is a good programming practice.
    c.Takes more compilation time.

    Ans : B.Is a good programming practice.
    12. Convert the following decimal number into Hex number...
    Ans : 2A0Fh
    13. Vector processing means
    Ans : Processing the column vector elements parallelly.
    14. Constant member function can be loaded with

    A. Constant member function.
    B. Static member function.
    C. Cannot be overloaded.
    Ans : C. Cannot be overloaded.
    15. By using which of the following functions, we can access the
    members of the two instances of a same class

    A. Member function.
    B. Friend function
    C. Both A and B.
    D. Neither A nor B.
    E. none.
    Ans : C. Check the answer
    16. Exception specification is in c++ to provide
    A. Documentation
    B. Object orientedness
    C. Error handling
    Ans :
    17. Which one of the following is a parse generator?

    A. YaCC
    B. Lex
    C. Vi
    D. Emac
    E. none
    Ans : YaCC
    18. In a communication model, we can communicate in both
    directions, but only one at a time. So the system is called

    A. Simplex
    B. Half duplex
    C. Full duplex
    D. none.
    Ans : Half duplex. Logged

    i m providing you few sample Questions with soltions

    thank you

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    Re: What type of Questions are asked in IBM Aptitude Test?

    Dear Friend,

    IBM and all other companies conduct aptitude test.

    In aptitude test it have mainly 3 section.

    Problem solving

    Verbal Reasoning

    Non-Verbal Reasoning

    you need to pass in the separate session.

    Thank You!!!!

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    Re: What type of Questions are asked in IBM Aptitude Test?

    In IBM(International Business Machine) during recruitment the questions are basically asked in the following pattern:-

    >>Question related to Reasoning and Logic.
    >>Questions related to Numerical ability.
    >>Questions related to English Grammer.

    There will be 2 questions paper.
    1)General sections.
    2)Subjective sections.

    General sections will include questions from the sections discussed above.

    Subjective sections will include questions from the subjects in which you have completed your Engineering study.

    After passing in the preleminary sections you will go for the coding sections.
    In this sections you will provided with certain programs and you will asked to find out errors and rectify it.
    Next you will have to make program using given particular language on certain topic.

    I will advice you to buy a book of Carrervalley which includes questions papers with solution of all the companies of last 6 years.
    It will be very helpful to you.

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    Re: What type of Questions are asked in IBM Aptitude Test?

    List of IBM Aptitude Test Questions :

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    Re: What type of Questions are asked in IBM Aptitude Test?

    IBM is the top most MNC company.So they have a placement criteria.You must fulfill the below criteria , then you are applicable for IBM.

    1)Candidate must be scored at least 70% in through out career.
    2)Pending Backlog are not allowed.
    3)Maximum 1 year gap are allowed.

    Selection Process for IBM-

    1)Aptitude Test.
    2)Technical Test
    3)Personal Interview.

    For IBM career , you can go for http://www.ibm.com/in/careers/
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