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    What type of jobs will available in Airports?

    what types of jobs can we find in airports ??

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    Re: What type of jobs will available in Airports?

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    what types of jobs can we find in airports ??
    Airports are usually operated by a director or manager responsible either to the private owners of the airport or to the local government authorities.
    The airport manager must be a person of many talents and have knowledge in
    1. Public relations
    2. Economics
    3. Business management
    4. Civil engineering
    5. Personnel management
    6. Labor relations and
    7. Politics.
    If the manager is self employed as a small airport operator, he or she probably also operates an aircraft repair station, sells aviation fuel, gives flight lessons, and offers taxi or charter flights.
    Salary: $17,000-$140,000 (Average: $66,000)(1$=AROUND 45 Rs)

    2) Assistant Airport Manager: helps the manager carry out administrative responsibilities. The assistant may be in charge of maintenance employees, airport equipment, airport tenant relations, or any of the other kinds of work associated with an airport.
    Salary: $17,000-$140,000 (Average: $66,000)(1$=AROUND 45 Rs)

    3) Customer Service Representative: $18,000 - $31,200
    4) Airlines Passenger Service Agent: $18,000 - $31,000
    5) Airlines Reservation Sales Agent: $12,000 - $38,600
    6) Airlines Ticket Agent: $18,500 - $31,200

    Other people related type airline jobs:
    [COLOR="rgb(72, 209, 204)"]7) Customs Agent: $23,000 - $44,000
    8) Travel Agents: $3.50 / hr - $36,000[/COLOR]

    Security type airline jobs:
    9) Security Officers: $12,000 - $24,000
    10) Security Specialist: $15,000 - $48,000


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    Re: What type of jobs will available in Airports?

    Hello friend !!

    The Employment in Indian Airports are handled by AAI.

    AAI stands for Airport Authority of India.

    The Airport Authority is responsible for the management and development of all National and International airports located at major cities in different parts our country.

    It is responsible for planning, constructing and maintaining of runways, aircraft movement areas and passenger handling buildings.

    AAI handles the responsibility of warehouses and cargo complexes at the airports.

    Firstly lets discuss about the Essentials of Airport :


    The following are some of the Existing Employment in all the Indian Airports.

    Type of JObs in Airports :

    General Manager (Airports)
    Airport Ground Staff
    Airport Ground Staff - International Airlines
    General Manager - Airports
    Airport Attendant
    Airport Rep
    Client Relationship Manager (Airlines / Airport Domain)
    Airport Front Office - Customer Care
    Customer Service Agent- MUMBAI / AIRPORT
    Airport Representative
    Airport Equipment Operator
    Junior Executive - Airport Operations
    Billing Executive ( Only Female ) Mehram Nagar ,Near IGI Airport
    Deputy General Manager - Airport Operations
    Ground Staff for Mumbai International Airport
    Manager - Airport Operations
    Airport Service
    Airport Representative
    Supervisor Airport Services

    The Airport authority also employs teams of :

    Technical Personnel - Engineers,
    Technicians who inspect, repair and refuel aeroplanes and
    Communication Engineers to manage the communication networks.
    Fire squads and security staff are also positioned for emergencies.

    Also ,

    Software Developer
    Travel Consultant, Ticketing Executive
    Team Leader,bdm,manager,senior Executive
    Accounts/Book-keeper/Accounts Officer
    Officer Or Managerial
    Accounts Officer
    Fire Fighter

    Also Special Duty Teams like :

    To Load and Unload Cargo,
    Place Equipment's like ladders for boarding and disembarkation of passengers,
    Maintain the Runways,
    Direct airplanes while taxing in and out of the airport.

    All the Best !!

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