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    What is the syllabus for ICWAI Intermediate group 2 subject of Taxation?

    syllabus for icwai intermediate group 2 subject of taxation
    Dear sir/madam,

    I am student of icwai $ i will given exam for both group of intermediate in month of December2012. so please tell me the syllabus of taxation for intermediate group 2

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    Re: What is the syllabus for ICWAI Intermediate group 2 subject of Taxation?

    hi friend..
    syllabus are as follow::--
    ICWA :: Intermediate
    Paper 10 : Applied Indirect Taxes
    [One Paper: 3 hours:100 marks]
    Objective . . .
    To gain knowledge of various provisions of Central Excise, Service tax, VAT & Sales Tax.
    To know the applications of provisions in different situations
    To understand the statutory compliance under indirect taxes including audits

    1. Canons of Taxation - Indirect Taxes 5%

    Features of Indirect Tax. Constitutional validity. Indirect Tax Laws, administration and relevant procedures
    2. Central Excise 25%

    The Central Excise Law
    Goods, Excisable goods, Manufacture and manufacturer, Classification, Valuation, Related Person, Captive Consumption, CAS 4, CENVAT.
    Basic procedures, Export, SSI, Job Work.
    Assessment, Demands, Refund, Exemptions;
    Powers of Officers.
    Adjudication, Appeals, Settlement Commission, Penalties .
    Central Excise Audit and Special Audit under 14A and 14AA of Central Excise Act
    Impact of tax on GATT 94, WTO, Anti Dumping processing;
    Tariff Commission and other Tariff authorities.
    3. Customs laws 15%

    Basic concepts of customs law;
    Territorial waters, high seas;
    Types of custom duties., Anti- Dumping Duty, Safeguard Duty;
    Customs Procedures, Import and Export Procedures, Baggage.
    Warehousing, Demurrage;
    Project Imports and Re- Imports;
    Penalties and Offences.
    Export Promotion Schemes. EOU
    Duty Drawback.
    Special Economic Zones.
    4. Service Tax 15%

    Introduction, Nature of Service Tax.
    Service Provider and Service Receiver.
    Registration procedure
    Records to be maintained
    Classification of taxable services
    Valuation of taxable services.
    Exemptions and Abatements.
    Payment of service tax, Return
    Cenvat Credit Rules
    Export and import of services.
    Other aspects of Service Tax.
    Taxable Services.
    Special Audit under 14A and 14AA of Central Excise Act
    5. Central Sales Tax Act & VAT Act. 15%

    Introduction, definition of sale under CST;
    Stock transfer, branch transfer under CST;
    Inter state sale,
    Various forms for filing of sales tax returns under CST;
    Sales outside territorial waters under CST;
    Practical examples on CST.
    VAT, Salient features of State VAT Acts
    Treatment of stock & branch transfer under State VAT Acts
    Filing & Return under State VAT Acts
    Accounting & Auditing VAT
    6. Practical problems and Case Studies under Indirect Tax Laws 25%
    Recommended Books
    Title Author Publisher
    Indirect Taxes: Law & Practice Taxmann Taxmann
    Central Excise Rules & Forms Taxmann Taxmann
    Central Excise Mannual R.K.Jain Centax Publications
    Customs Mannual R.K.Jain Centax Publications
    Central Sales Tax & VAT V.S.Datey Taxmann

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    Re: What is the syllabus for ICWAI Intermediate group 2 subject of Taxation?

    Syllabus and books for ICWAI Intermediate?

    1. For Acconting
    Accounting Conventions and Practices 10%

    Depreciation and various methods thereof
    Stock valuation
    Distinction between Capital and Revenue
    2. Royalty and Hire Purchase 10%

    Royalty accounting
    Need for hire purchase and installment systems and parties involved.
    Accounting from the point of view various parties.
    Possession and repossession in case of default in payments.
    3. Receipts & Payments/ Income & Expenditure Accounts 10%

    Receipts & Payments
    Income & Expenditure Account
    4. Partnership Accounting 10%

    Past adjustments and guarantee
    Admission & Retirement
    Assignment of life policy
    Amalgamation and Sale of Business
    Dissolution, Insolvency
    Piecemeal Distribution
    5. Branch and Departmental Accounts 10%

    Branch accounts- Debtors system, Stock & Debtors system, Foreign Branch.
    Treatment of shortages.
    Calculation of net profit of various departments and allocation of expenses on the basis of suitable base.
    Preparation of common balance sheet.
    Treatment of Unrealized profit.
    6. Accounting Standards 10%

    Applicability of a particular accounting standard.
    Interpretation of various accounting standards.
    Scope of accounting standards.
    Compliance with the Accounting Standards.
    7. Joint [COLOR=mediumblue !important][/COLOR]stock companies 20%

    Issues of shares at par, discount & premium, forfeiture, reissue of shares
    Bonus issue and right issue
    Buy back of shares
    Redemption of Preference of shares
    Profit prior to incorporation
    Issue and redemption of debentures
    8. Preparation of Company Accounts

    Preparation of Final Accounts under Company Law
    9. Accounting services in organizations 10%

    Construction companies ,Project Accounting
    Service sector such as Software, ITES, Telecommunication, Entertainment, Hospital, educational institutions
    Banking , Electricity and Insurance companies

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