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    What is the syllabus of B.Sc (Mathematics) course? What are the additional subjects of B.Sc (Mathematics)?

    syllabus of bsc mathematics
    what are athe adtional subjects of bsc mathematic

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    Re: What is the syllabus of B.Sc (Mathematics) course? What are the additional subjects of B.Sc (Mathematics)?

    B.Sc. Mathematics or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is an Undergraduate Mathematics course. B.Sc Mathematics is a three year academic course and is Career orienting in Nature.

    Eligibility to do B.Sc Mathematics Course

    1. The candidate should complete their 10+2 or its equivalent exam in science stream with Mathematics as one of the subjects.
    2. The marks and interview for the admission of this course may vary from college to college and percentage of 12th class for the admission of students.

    B.Sc Mathematics course syllabus

    Part I :
    1. Algebra
    2. Differential Calculus & Vector Calculus
    3. Integral Calculus & Trigonometry
    4. Vector Analysis and Geometry

    Part II :
    1. Advanced Calculus
    2. Mathematical Methods
    3. Differential Equations
    4. Mechanics

    Part III :
    1. Analysis
    2. Abstract Algebra
    3. Numerical Analysis
    4. Differential Geometry

    Semester wise B.Sc. Mathematics syllabus

    Semester 1: First Year First Semester
    1.1 Calculus
    1.2 Geometry
    1.3 Algebra I

    Semester 2: First Year Second Semester
    2.1 Mechanics I
    2.2 Differential Equations I
    2.3 Algebra II

    Semester 3: Second Year First Semester
    3.1 Mechanics II
    3.2 Differential Equations II
    3.3 Analysis I

    Semester 4: Second Year Second Semester
    4.1 Vector Analysis
    4.2 Differential Equations III
    4.3 Analysis II

    Semester 5: Third Year First Semester
    5.1 Numerical Methods
    5.2 Numerical Methods Practical using C
    5.3 Algebra III
    5.4 Analysis III
    5.5 Optional Paper I
    5.6 Optional Paper II

    Semester 6: Third Year Second Semester
    6.1 Probability Theory
    6.2 Linear Programming and Optimization
    6.3 Algebra IV
    6.4 Analysis IV

    Additional subjects of B.Sc. Mathematics

    1. Communicative English
    2. Selective Paper I - Chemistry
    3. Selective Paper II - Physics

    The Jobs you can get into after doing B.Sc Mathematics

    a. Teacher/Tutor
    b. Mathematician
    c. Researcher & Accountant
    d. Demographer
    e. Loan Officer
    f. Statistician
    g. Computer Programer
    h. Economist
    i. Treasury Management Specialist
    j. IAS, IPS & PCS officers

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