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    What is the syllabus of B.Sc (Agriculture) of Banaras Hindu University?

    b.sc agriculture syllabus
    i have keen to know the syllabus of banaras hindu university im b.sc agriculture?
    can u help me?

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    Abdul Aleem
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    Re: What is the syllabus of B.Sc (Agriculture) of Banaras Hindu University?

    Unit I
    Meaning and scope of agricultural geography; Approaches to agricultural geography; Physical,
    cultural and institutional factors affecting agriculture.
    Unit II
    Crop concentration and crop diversification; Delineation of crop combination regions; Agricultural
    regions of the world; Detailed study of subsistence, plantation, commercial and mixed farming.
    Unit III
    Agricultural land-use and carrying capacity; Land use pattern with special reference to India;
    Measures of agricultural efficiency and agricultural productivity.
    Unit IV
    Agricultural planning and policies in India, Agro-climatic regions of India, Green revolution in India;
    Second generation reforms in Indian agriculture: Land and institutional reforms, Evergreen
    revolution; Organic and contract farming.

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    Re: What is the syllabus of B.Sc (Agriculture) of Banaras Hindu University?

    Hello friend

    Syllabus of BSC Agriculture:
    1st semester :
    >>ACSS-111 Fundamentals of Soil Science
    >>AGRO-111 Principles of Agronomy
    >>AGROMET-112 Physics & Agril. Meteorology
    >>BOT-111 Elements of Genetics
    >>EXTN-111 Fundamentals of Extension Education & Rural Development
    >>STAT-111 Elementary Statistics
    >>HORT-111 Fundamentals of Horticulture
    >>MIBO-111 Microbiology
    >>LANG-111 Structural and Spoken English
    >>MATH-111 Mathematics (Deficiency course)

    2nd Semester :
    >>AGRO-123 Irrigation Water Management
    >>AGRO-124 Weed Management
    >>EXTN-122 Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology
    >>BOT-122 Elementary crop Physiology
    >>BOT-123 Principles of Plant Breeding
    >>ENT-121 Introductory Entomology
    >>ACSS-122 Elementary Plant Biochemistry & Chemistry of Plant Products
    >>MATH-122 Applied Mathematics
    >>MIBO-122 Soil Microbiology

    3rd Semester :
    >>AGRO-235 Field Crops-I (Kharif Crops including Forages) Cereals, Millets and Pulses
    >>AGRO-236 Practical Crop Production I
    >>ACSS-233 Principles of Soil Physics & Conservation
    >>AHDS-231 Livestock Breeds and Nutrition (including poultry)
    >>BOT-234 Environmental Science & Agro-ecology
    >>ENT-232 Economic Entomology (including Bee Keeping Sericulture and Lac Culture)
    >>PATH-231 Introductory Plant Pathology
    >>HORT-232 Vegetable Production
    >>ECON-231 Introduction to Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics and Farm >>Management Economics

    4th Semester :
    >>AGRO-247 Field Crops-II (Rabi Crop including Forages / Oilseeds and Commercial crops)
    >>AGRO-248 Practical Crop Production-II
    >>HORT-243 Fruit, Production including Plantation Crops
    >>ACSS-244 Soil Fertility, Fertilizer and Integrated Nutrient Management
    >>PATH-242 Crop Disease and Management-I
    >>ENGG-241 Watershed Management (including surveying)
    >>ECON-242 Agricultural Marketing, Export and Co-operation

    5th Semester :
    >>AGRO-359 Rainfed Agriculture
    >>BOT-355 Introduction of Plant Bio-technology
    >>AHDS-352 Livestock Production & Management (including Poultry)
    >>ENT-353 Crop Pest and Management-I
    >>PATH-353 Crop Diseases and Management-II
    >>BOT-356 Breeding of Field Crops
    >>HORT-354 Ornamental Horticulture
    >>ENGG-352 Farm Structure, Power & Machinery
    >>ENGG-353 Post Harvest Technology

    6th Semester :
    >>AGRO-3610 Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture
    >>BOT-367 Principles of Seed Technology
    >>EXTN-363 Communication and Diffusion of Agril. Innovations
    >>PATH-364 Mushroom Cultivation
    >>HORT-365 Post Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables
    >>HORT-366 Silviculture and Agroforestry
    >>ECON-363 Agricultural Finance, Business Management and Trade
    >>ENGG COMP-361 Computer Application
    >>ENT-364 Crop Pest and Management II

    7th Semester :
    >>RAWE Programme
    >>RAWE AGRO-471 Crop Production
    >>RAWE AHDS 472 Livestock & Nutritional Management
    >>RAWE ECON-474 Agricultural Economics
    >>RAWE ACSS-475 Soil Test and Integrated Nutrient Management
    >>RAWE ENT-474 Integrated Plant Protection-I
    >>RAWE ENTN-474 Extension Education and Rural Sociology
    >>RAWE HORT-477 Horticulture
    >>RAWE PATH 476 Integrated Plant Protection-II

    8th Semester :
    >>AGRO-481 Farm Layout Development Management and Field Plot Techniques
    >>AHDS-483 Sheep and Goat Production
    >>AHDS-484 Technology of Milk and Milk Products
    >>ENGG-485 Micro-irrigation and Drainage Engineering

    Elective Courses :
    >>ELE BOT-481 Seed Production
    >>ELE BOT-482 Medicinal & Aromatic Crop Production
    >>ELE ACSS-481 Biochemistry of Food and Nutrition
    >>ELE ECON-481 Evaluation of Agril. Development Programmes
    >>ELE ENT-481 Production Techniques for Biological Control Agents
    >>ELE EXTN-481 Agricultural Communication and Journalism
    >>ELE HORT-481 Commercial Protected Floriculture
    >>ELE ENGG-481 Hydrological Studies in Watershed Management
    >>ELE PATH-481 Seed Pathology
    >>ELE PATH-482 Biofertilizers
    >>ELE ECON-482 Project Planning, Evaluation and Formulation
    >>ELE ENT-482 Sericulture

    all the best

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