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    What to study after 12th (MEC)?


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    Re: What to study after 12th (MEC)?

    There are many opportunities for a 12th passer,this totaly depends upon which one is comfortable for you or in which you are comfortable,
    today the candidates are more and the jobs are less,so it is not enough to do bachelors degree ,one should also do masters in particular subject.
    there are some list of career options in India:
    1.Science, Engineering & Computer Applications
    .Careers in Space Technology
    .Careers in Photonics
    .Careers in Ocean Engineering
    .Careers in Food Processing
    .Careers in Nuclear Engineering
    2.Medical, Pharmacy & Health Care Services
    .Careers in Podiatric Medicine
    .Careers in Hospital Management and Administration
    .Careers in Health Care
    .Careers in Medicine
    .Careers in Unani Medicine
    3.Arts, Law & Language
    .Careers in Gemology
    .Careers as an Archivist
    .Careers in Political Science
    .Careers In Arts
    .Careers in Language
    after choosing one of above you can puirsuing masters degree by giving many of entrance exams like:GATES , CET etc.
    choose your own and do your best.
    GOOD LUCK......

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    Re: What to study after 12th (MEC)?

    B.Com - is among the regular options if you like accounting.

    BBA/BMS - which is about management.

    Higher studies after B.Com however is much broader - like, if you have taken Maths in 12th and good at it along with accounting then you can opt for for higher studies like - CA, ICWA etc., - Though the CA & ICWA is a post graduation course, you can enroll after 12th and clear your foundation course, so that you fininsh the course faster after graduation.

    Then there is CS - its a mix of accounting and legal stuff, again a post graduation course, for which enrollment is done after 12th and clearing the foundation course etc., before graduation.

    MBA in Finance and other options under MBA could be pursued.

    Higher studies after BBA/BMS is limited to MBA.

    Alternate Options

    IT - is about computer software application, all about making software programs - after 12th you can pursue BCA or B.Sc in computer science.

    Mass Media - If you have some creative talent like drawing, writing etc., after 12th (any stream) you can do Mass Media & Communication - you can choose either Journalism or Advertisement / TV&Media / PR / Event management etc.,

    Animation - If you like computers, and are good in drawing, you can do B.Sc in Animation after 12th (any stream)....its has great scope, as most of the big animation industries of the world are getting job done from us.

    Fashion Technolgy is good if you have the necessary skills and talents to match the same.

    So, choose as per your interest and the ones that suits your skills and talent.

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    Re: What to study after 12th (MEC)?

    It is good to see your interest towards the higher studies.Generally the students passing after +2 goes for their bachelor degree course.

    There are many bachelor degree course available.One can choose the bachelor degree course on the basis of their personal liking as well as interest.Dear aspirant personal liking as well as interest varies from person to person.

    Dear aspirant if you are interested in the commerce and accounting sector than you can go foe the B,com course, as your bachelor degree course.Later you can also go for the M.com course as your master degree course.

    If you are interested in the Engineering and technical sector than you may go for the B.E. / B.tech course as your bachelor degree course.You can also go for the M.E./M.tech course later after completion of B.E./B.tech.

    If you are interested in the medical sector than B.pharma is also a good course.You can also go for the MBBS if you are interested in the doctorate field.

    Choosing any course varies from person to person.It is not same for every one.So dear aspirant the decision is depend upon you as well as your interest towards that course.So think carefully about your path than go for any decision.

    !! Good Luck !!



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    Re: What to study after 12th (MEC)?

    Hello friend

    You can study all the bachelors degree in commerce like
    1. Bachelor's of commerce
    2. Bachelor's of business administration
    3. Bachelor's of computers administration
    4. Bachelor of Fine Arts
    5. Bachelor of Business Management
    6. Chartered Accountant

    all the best


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    Re: What to study after 12th (MEC)?

    Hello Friend

    It is good to complete your 12th standard with Mathematics, Economics and Commerce as your main subjects as you have gained your idea about these subjects you can have further various streams to complete your higher studies in these streams.

    There are good number of opportunities for you and you can go in different number of ways which suits to your ideas so that you can achieve your goal and can settle well in your life, here dude i will give you some of the details regarding the various streams that you can enter choose the best and go for it

    Commerce Stream :

    1. Accountancy courses : you can join in these courses further after the completion of which you can taken as a company Auditor's and also different firms chief accounting sections there are various accountancy courses like

    - Chartered Accountant
    - Work and Cost Accountant
    - Certified Financial Analyst
    - Certified Financial Planner

    2. Management studies : you can go for doing Diploma in Management studies in various streams like

    - Human Resources Management
    - Brand Management
    - Event Management
    - International Business Management
    - Market Research Management
    - Retail, Marketing and Sales Management
    - Technology Management
    - Travel and Tourism Management..................etc

    3. Finance courses : yo can join in Finance courses and can become a certified Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner.

    4. Insurance sector

    5. Banking sector : If you go for Bank exams then with your 12th standard qualification you can apply for the Bank clerk cadre's and also you can go for various posts like

    - Retail banking
    - Personal banking
    - Corporate banking
    - Merchant banking
    - Treasury banking
    - Loans Executive

    6. Company secretary ship courses

    7. Data Management and Network systems

    8. Computers : you can join and work as

    - Software developers
    - web developers
    - Multimedia design
    - Date Base Administrator
    - Data Entry operator
    - Servicing and Maintenance Technician
    - Technology Management.

    9. Hotel Management courses : you can join in courses like

    - Diploma in Hotel Management
    - B.Sc in Hotel Management
    - Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
    - Bachelor in Hotel Management.

    10. Fashion Technology
    11. Mass Media and Journalism courses
    12. 3D Animation courses
    13. Air Hostess and Aviation courses
    14. Film Making and Acting courses

    so dude there are like this various opportunities for you all you have to select the best one, for any further information you can leave your message here.


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    Re: What to study after 12th (MEC)?

    MEC is maths, economics and commerce in 12th standard...you have go for
    1. b.com regulars or computers in degree then you can also do MBA OR MCA or you can also go for CA/ICWA
    2. BBA- bachelor of business administration
    3. BBM-bachelor of business management
    4. BHM- bachelor in hotel management
    5. NIFT -national institute of fashion technology
    6. mass media and communication
    7. animation
    8. BCA/BSC

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