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    What is stenography?

    what is stenography?

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    Re: What is stenography?

    If you need the information about Stenography, Then please do not worry because Here I am Providing you the Details about stenography, So please check the given definition of stenography and then definitely you will be more clear about this term.

    The term 'Stenography' is composed of two words 'steno' and 'graphy'. 'Steno' means narrow, 'graphy' means to write. So, Stenography means the art or any method of writing very quickly.

    In another way it is accurately defined as "the art of representing spoken sounds by geometrical characters. It is also called 'Phonography' or 'Sound Writing.' It is a system to write words as they are pronounced.

    Meaning of Stenography :

    Stenography is the practice of legal transcription of speech into text taking place within a court hearing or trial performed by Court Reporters, who are licensed and certified professionals. Stenography positions are classified as legal occupations requiring earned certifications from accredited institutions.

    If you need More Information about Stenography, then please check the given Links :

    All About Stenography : Click Here

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    Re: What is stenography?


    you want to know what is Stenography.
    A stenographer is someone who uses specific methods of writing, albeit speed writing, shorthand.
    The aim is to write quickly and still be able to understand. The keyboard would enable you to type quickly, but would need a special machine for the graphics of shorthand

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