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    What should I do before and after Masters? Cisco certifications, SAP FICO or ACCA or something else? When London School of Economics begins its classwork for M.Sc in Management, organizations and Governance?

    Hello everybody,

    What should I do before and after Masters? Cisco Certifications, SAP FICO or ACCA or something else?

    I am a UK student and have completed my degree in BSc Accounting and Business Economics degree from Middlesex University (which is a pretty mediocre University) and graduated with a First Class honours last year (July 2012). I was planning to continue straight onto a Masters degree (MSc in Management, Organizations and Governance at the London School of Economics) but was unable to do so due to a sudden change in circumstances in September 2012 and deferred entry to October 2013.

    I tried to attain a 2013 summer internship and only applied to 3 companies/ Investment banks. I was successful in getting to the Assessment center for JP Morgan and IBM but didn't get through the the Assessment center for the third company. I failed both Assessment Centers but obtained valuable feedback which I will keep when applying to graduate schemes.

    So far, in my gap year I have completed my GMAT and obtained 670 and also very recently gained admission to the MSc in Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics but also have an offer for the MSc in Management, Organizations and Governance which I deferred from last year. I need to choose one of these Masters to confirm soon but I am slightly lost on which career path I should take. At the moment I already have exemptions for the ACCA modules F1, F2, F3 and F9 and should be able to pass F4, F5 and F7 if I follow my current study routine. My dad is also advising me to go into SAP and specialize in Financial Accounting and Controlling (FI-CO) or gain some Cisco qualifications.

    I do enjoy accounting and finance quite a lot but recently Cisco Certifications (CCNA/ CCNP) have really interested me. My dads friend is has a CCNA/ CCNP qualification and earns around 450,000 by doing multiple contracts and teaching. However, he has just under 10 years of experience in top companies in many industries. My dads friend used to recommend us to obtain Cisco certifications however I just ignored him as I didn't care about the financial gain from the certifications. I was reading a Networking+ book recently and I'm finding networking a lot more fun than I expected and I am beginning to contemplate obtaining Cisco certifications. Especially since my dads friend also teaches around 30 students for 6 months a year and has placed them all into pretty big companies.

    An example I can give is of a guy who had no previous education and poor English. Within 6 months, my dads friend helped him gain CCNA and CCNP certifications and he began to earn 50,000 within 2 years. I think I should take advantage of my dads friend and start working on Cisco certifications. Also, my masters degree may be able to complement it as I can specialize in Information technology if I choose to study MSc in Management, Organizations and Governance at LSE.

    On the other hand, I can choose to study MSc Accounting and Finance at LSE and perhaps begin studying SAP FICO afterwards. At the moment, I want to complete my ACCA F4. F5 and F6 exams which end on June 10th but after that, what do you think I should do between June and October 3rd - when LSE begins? In addition, which MSc should I elect and should I go into SAP or Cisco Certifications or do you guys have any other ideas on what I could do?

    As you can see this is a very long post and I'm slight confused regarding my future but I hope I can get some answers.


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