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    What should I do to become a teacher/lecturer after +2?

    What to do to become a teacher?
    Which is the best career path after +2 to become a collage lecturer?

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    Re: What should I do to become a teacher/lecturer after +2?

    College lecturer is a post for which you need to have enough knowledge and capability to interact with students.
    As far as qualification is needed, different colleges have different criteria, but the most common is- if you have completed your Master's degree then you can apply for the post of college lecturer in most of the colleges.

    Some colleges on the other hand (those which are renowned one's) appoint lecturers only after they have completed their PhD, so you can proceed to different colleges according to their requirements.

    You will get lecturer post as per the subjects that you take up in your graduation. Foe ex. if you do B.SC in physics and then complete your masters degree in the same subject, so you can become a professor of Physics. So, there are no specific subjects. You can take up any subjects and become a lecturer of it.

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    manbir kaur
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    Re: What should I do to become a teacher/lecturer after +2?

    dear to become a teacher or lecturer you should move forward in that field whose subjects you like the most.
    if science is your loving subject then go for bsc
    if eng,punjabi etc then opt for ba
    if comp then bca
    and if accounts then b.com or bba
    so go for that field in which you have keen interest and get degree in it.
    then after that do b.ed
    after that you can get jobs for higher classes do pg course in respective subject.
    and your basics should be clear for that subject.
    then you can easily get job of teacher/lecturer.
    i hope u are satisfied by my answer.

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    Re: What should I do to become a teacher/lecturer after +2?


    After 12th you do graduation from recognized university.

    After completing your graduation apply for B.ed entrance exam.

    B.ed stands for Batchlor Of Education, this one year course of Teaching.

    You can Apply for B.ed only if you've 50% marks in grduation.

    After B.ed Apply fothe the TGT , TET, CTET entrance exams for teacher jobs in government colleges or private too.

    .If you want to become Lecturer than you have to complete your post grduation .

    After post graduation you can apply for National Elligibity Test conducted by UGC every twice.

    For More details about NET exam vista to www.ugc.in .

    Good luck

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    Anuradha M.S
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    Re: What should I do to become a teacher/lecturer after +2?

    After +2,
    If you are from ARTS Stream then do:
    >BA to be a teacher
    >After that MA to be a lecturer

    If you are from Commerce Stream then do:
    >B.Com and then M.Com for lecturer post

    If you are from Science Stream then do:
    >B.Sc to be a teacher.
    >After that do M.Sc to be a lecturer
    You can also do B.E and M.Tech else B.Tech and then M.Tech to be a lecturer
    All the Best

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