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    What should I do after BBA to get a secured job?

    i hav cmpltd my bba so what can i opt next to get a secured job

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    manbir kaur
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    Re: What should I do after BBA to get a secured job?

    dear as you are bba student the best option for you is mba.
    as you said you want secure job so for that you have to study mba from the best college securing top rankings for it.
    if you do mba from abroad than chances of job increases alot.
    in india there are good colleges in mumbai,delhi,gurgaon.
    all the best

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    Re: What should I do after BBA to get a secured job?

    BBA is a course which has wide range of job securing opportunities. Graduates can get jobs in India or even abroad. It is a course for which the student should posses good communication skills. Besides this, they also need to have a passion towards their field of study. You can get jobs as executive trainee with any of the sectors that follows-

    Advertising Agencies
    Consumer Durable Companies
    IT Companies

    Salary package will depend on the company hiring you and how good are your negotiating skills. It may vary from 10k 20k. Employers want people who have proven themselves both academically and at the time of interview. For higher Career growth, you definitely need to go for higher studies i.e. MBA.

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    Re: What should I do after BBA to get a secured job?

    Hi aspirant,

    Bachelor of Business Administration:
    Business is not limited to the boundary of buying and selling but it can be more appropriate to explain it as more innovating, growing and sharing. It is the implementation of resources such as man, material, money and management for its successful operations.

    And Bachelor of Business Administration nothing but all about the techniques to manage business functions and that is why it is one of the most lucrative careers. It is considered as an ideal qualification for taking up a career in the field of management.

    There are lot many sectors and areas open for you, it all depends on your future goals and the sector in which you want to make your career.

    Higher courses that you can pursue after completing BBA:
    * Master of Business Administration
    * Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
    * Advance Diploma in Business Administration

    Some of the job sector and job posts are:
    * FMCG sector - Marketing Job.
    * Stock Market - Marketing as well as Finance job.
    * Banking Sector - Marketing, HR, IT and Finance Job.
    * BPO sector - Finance and HR and IT.
    * Insurance - Marketing
    * Hospitality - HR
    * Print & Media - HR and Marketing
    * Paint and Cement Industry - Finance and Marketing.
    * Shopping Malls - Marketing as store manager..
    * Mc D and Pizza Hut type franchisee.
    * Government sector is wide open for you.

    But do remember that initially you will get salary below then your expectation, i suggest you to go with them as you are getting into your dream job and sector. Initially and gradually your salary is going to increase with your experience.
    Also concentrate on your studies as well. As you have to get more professional degrees to go on higher posts.
    Also try to get more specialization in your field of work by doing more diploma and certificate courses.


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