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    What should I do after 12th (Science) to get a decent salaried job?

    carrer after 12th
    what should i do after 12th with a handsome package with sciece subject

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    Re: What should I do after 12th (Science) to get a decent salaried job?

    I like the fact that you said decent salaried job. in fact in my opinion people need a decent salaried job only to live simply and think high, just like great people. Well, salary is a very relative issue. If you go to managers of commercial sectors you will see they get around 60,000 of Indian currency per month(The sum of rupees might be less depending on the company), but if you ask them if they are happy or not, then they will say NO. Since they will compare them with higher level MDs and CEOs and say that they are getting lacs of rupees, whereas their salary is still in thousands.
    But I believe that you do not belong to that category. I will say, that after 12th you go for BCA to get the technical degree. Then after completing BCA, you can straight go for technical jobs in corporate sectors. Since you will be just graduate you will get around Rs.15,000. If you complete MCA and then go for jobs, then your salary will be around Rs.20,000. You can also join a job and then in parallel complete MCA to save time. Then gradually with your imrpoving performance, your salary will also increase.

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