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    What should a B.Tech (Mechatronics) graduate do at Masters level?

    With the background of instrumentation field, interesting to work in control devices, I have completed 4 year degree B.Tech in Mechatronics, What should I do in Master level?

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    Re: What should a B.Tech (Mechatronics) graduate do at Masters level?

    Hello friend

    You can do Master degree courses after completing B.Tech
    The courses you can do are

    You can be eligible for all the specializations in MBA
    Also with B.Tech qualification you are eligible for all the MCA course specializations
    You are eligible for only some of the courses in M.Tech as specializations are
    • Computer science Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Engineering Design
    • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    • Internal Combustion Engineering
    • Product Design and Development
    • Computer Aided Design
    • mechatronics
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Manufacturing Systems Management
    • Automobile Engineering
    • CAD/CAM
    • Thermal Engineering
    • Industrial Safety Engineering
    • Welding Technology
    • Aviation Technology
    • Product Design and Commerce
    • Quality Engineering
    • Aerospace Technology
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Robotics

    all the best

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