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    What is the scope for girls as Audio Engineers?

    scope for a girl as an audio engineer
    i want to be an audio engineer. but i am a girl. so i m afraid whether i will have a bright future ahead. so will choosing on being an audio engineer be a right decision ?

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    Re: What is the scope for girls as Audio Engineers?


    Scope of Audio Engineering for Girls:

    Audio Engineering is highlighted to be as a course especially dedicated to boys.It doesnt mean that girls havent entry for this Branch.

    If you study Audio Engineering you may got high salary because Female Audio Engineering are Rare.If a Girl wish to choose carrier option in Audio Engineering she may change decision last time because number of girls in the class will be very less or may be one or two.If womens only engineering Colleges start this branch we can expect more lady's in Audio Branch.

    i wish you all the best...............

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