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    What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    What is the scope of chemical engineering?

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Quote Originally Posted by ahkam ansari View Post
    What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Chemical engineers are responsible for the availability of modern high-quality materials that are essential for running an industrial economy.

    They design equipments and operate chemical plants as well as determine the problems and find the best methods of production.So, job prospectus and career options of a chemical engineer is varied.

    The scope for chemical engineers has grown in recent times due to industrial expansion and the related scarcity of resources needed.

    They are in demand as they work to create synthetic replacements for those natural materials and resources that are in short supply.

    Since chemical engineers make very important contributions for the improvement and maintenance of the quality of life they are in much demand in today's world.

    good luck !!!!

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    you have a bright future in chemical engineering....for the present as well as future..chemical engineers are very demand in market....but it is depended on your talent..In Other country it has very demand.all the best..

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    which is better among eletrical and chemical engineering?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    which is better among eletrical and chemical engineering?
    Hi friend,

    Well i must admit that comparing two trades of Engineering is not fair at all so , i must say that practically both the trades are equal.

    But if you take in consideration factors like jobs and Demand by students Electrical outshines Chemical but i must again say that it solely depends upon your choice and your view. For example you think that you have good concept of Chemistry go for chemical and if you have good concept of electrical then go for Electrical.

    Scope of Chemical engineering :

    Chemical engineers are at demand in these Industries :

    >>Mineral-based industries
    >>Petrochemical plants
    >>Synthetic fiber units
    >>Petroleum refining plants
    >>Chemical industries
    >>Pharmaceutical companies
    >>Paints manufacturers
    >>Fertilizer industry
    >>Textiles sector
    >>Environment and eco- friendly indutries
    >>Fertilizer technology
    >>Paints and Dyes
    >>Recycling metals

    Scope of Chemical Engineering in India is growing as research organizations, laboratories, defence establishments, atomic power plants, and forensic investigation departments also need chemical engineering experts. So, there is no stooping to this thing even in future.

    Scope of Electrical Engineering :

    Electrical & Electronics Engineering is one of the core branches of engineering and thus it also provides an opportunity to work for government as Government employee as Engineer
    It's Importance is found in these subjects :

    >>Production,Utilization & Distribution of electrical energy
    >>manufacture of consumer electronics
    >>Electronic components
    >>Computer hardware
    >>Medical equipment
    >>Automation and control systems
    >>Private utility companies
    >>Companies manufacturing electrical appliances and instruments.

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    dear chemical engineering involves the design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical processes for converting raw materials or chemicals into valuable forms including those to remove chemicals from waste materials to enable a large scale manufacture.
    it covers various various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries.
    • petrochemical plants,
    • pharmaceuticals,
    • synthetic fibres,
    • petroleum refining plants,
    you have good career in chemical engineering your work will be like designing and operating chemical plants and improve methods of production.
    you can become chemical engineering after your graduation in B.S OR B.TECH you can also d post graduation(M.E OR M.TECH).
    you can also do diploma after 10th to become a chemical engineering.
    to become a chemical engineering you must have 10+2 in
    with 60% to eligible for the engineering entrance exam,
    and you have to qualify the entrance exams to be eligible for this program,
    • KEAM,
    • MHT-CET,
    • WBJEE,
    • IIT-JEE,
    • UPTU SEE,
    • DCEE,
    • BITSAT,
    • VITEE,
    you will be get selected only through the merit in your entrance exam and through the seats available in that particular institutes.
    you have to be technically strong and you have to remember the equations to become sucessfull
    • chemical engineer
    • career oppertunties
    • among the manufacturing industries ,pharmaceuticals provide the best oppertunties for you ,in the government sector you will work for solving problems environmental problems such as,
    • waste and water treatment,
    • environmental regulations and recycling,
    energy conservation and research on alternate energy sources,and you will work for health related research projects ,defence establishments and atomic power plants. and your salary ranges from 20,000 to 30,000.
    some of the good institutes are
    • Adhiyaman college of engineering -Tamil Nadu,
    • Anand engineering college-uttarpradesh,
    • BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY-uttarpradesh,
    • c.v raman college of engineering -bhubaneswar(ORISSA),
    • Indian institute of technology -Delhi,
    • Indian institute of technology -mumbai
    • Indian institute of technology-guwahati,
    • Indian institute of technology-Kanpur,
    • Indian institute of technology-madras,
    • Indian institute of technology-bhubaneswar,
    so dear all the best

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Hey dear aspirant !
    Now days the Chemical Engineering stream is very demanding.This demand is not only in our country but also in Foreign.If we talk about the scope of any branch of engineering, then we can say that each branch has their own scope.Some branches has their world wide scope, and only a few has little less in comparison of others.As I told that Chem. engineering has a world wide scope.Chem. engineers play a key role in industries, mostly in the manufacturing field. Their work area varies from petroleum and petrochemicals to food, materials, specialty chemicals, plastics, power production, environmental control, waste management and biotechnology.Coal preparation and mineral processing, explosives manufacturing, chemical process industries such as fertiliser industry, including pesticides and herbicides, caustic soda, glass and specialty chemicals, dyes and dyestuff, paint, lubricants, steel and aluminum production are also comes in the field of chemical engineers.There are so many companies which offers the job opportunities for chemical engineer.Only job is not the option for them.You can also go for the higher studies.You can go for the research in this field.Each field has a very deep and unknown knowledge.Here from unknown knowledge I mean the knowledge about this stream which is still not known to the people.But if you don't want to go for the higher studies then you can directly go for the JOB.

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Hi dude....

    Chemical Engineering:

    Chemical Engineering is the branch of study which mainly deals with the manufacture and production of chemicals.process of converting valuable raw materials in to chemical forms.Chemical Engineering covers various fields of science and technology,such as mineral based,Petro chemicals,Pharmacueticals,petroleum,etc....
    There are many job opportunities which are available for the chemical engineers.There is lots of scope for the chemical engineers in the private and also in the public sectors ..
    They find work mainly in the areas of ...
    *Food Processing
    *Chemical Processing
    *Semi conductors
    *Paints and Lubricants,etc...
    These are some of the areas of work which are available for the chemical Engineers....

    The companies which recruits the chemical Engineers are
    *Oil and Gas
    *Bio technology
    *Food and Drink
    *Nuclear Energy
    *Power Production
    *Energy production,etc....
    These are some of the companies which recruits the chemical engineers....

    There are also specializations available in this field of study through which you can develop a lot for your future and can get more good career prospects through the specializations....
    some of them are
    *Electro Chemicals
    *Food Processing
    *Bio chemical Engineering
    *{Process Control
    *Bio medical engineering

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    what is chemical engineering scope of india by short note?

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Quote Originally Posted by ahkam ansari View Post
    What is the scope of chemical engineering?


    The scope of it is very high at coming days.

    Working Environment:

    Most chemical engineers work in manufacturing industries, in research and development
    labs, productions plants, or management.

    Some provide engineering services as consultants in research and testing, design,
    or policy.

    The environment and hours that they work varies with the industry and kind of job.
    Chemical engineers also work in a variety of manufacturing industries other than
    chemical manufacturing, such as those producing energy, electronics, food, clothing,
    and paper. They also work in health care, biotechnology, and business services.

    Some may specialize in a particular chemical process, such as oxidation or polymerization.

    Others specialize in a particular field, such as nanomaterials, or in the development of
    specific products.

    Job profile:

    Jobs for chemical engineering graduates will be available in mineral-based industries,
    petrochemical plants, synthetic fibre units and even in petroleum refining plants.

    You can find employment opportunities with chemical industries, refineries,
    manufacturers of acids, medicines, varnishes, paints, fertilisers, etc.

    Public sector organisations and private companies dealing in pharmaceuticals,
    synthetic fibres, textiles, plastics, explosives, etc. also recruit chemical engineers.

    You can even join research organisations and laboratories as technical experts on
    engineering projects.

    Typically a chemical Engineer has to study the following subjects:

    Engineering Chemistry
    Chemical Process Principles
    Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry
    Transport Phenomena
    Process Dynamics and Control
    Mass Transfer Operations II
    Chemical Technology
    Heat & Mass Transfer
    Particle Technology Laboratory
    Economics and Management of Chemical Industries
    Environmental Engineering
    Biochemical Engineering
    CAD in Chemical Engg.
    Safety in Chemical Plants
    Measurements and controls
    Chemical process and plant designs
    Food Chemistry
    Dairy Chemistry & Microbiology

    and many more…

    Scope and job prospects:

    Chemical engineers are expected to have employment growth of 8 percent over the
    projections decade, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

    Although overall employment in the chemical manufacturing industry is expected
    to decline, chemical companies will continue to research and develop new
    chemicals and more efficient processes to increase output of existing chemicals.

    Pay Scale:

    Due to rapid industrialisation, chemical engineers have gained a position among the
    top money makers. The earnings depend on the industries employing chemical
    engineers such as Central or State government departments or private concerns.

    Working experience, qualifications, ability are important factors in determining the pay
    level. Those who are working in the private sector are well paid.

    Fresher’s can get a starting salary of Rs. 10000 to Rs. 12000 per month. In the government
    sector, the salary range of diploma holders is Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 9,000 per month.
    Lecturers in colleges get a starting salary of Rs 12,000-Rs 13,000 a month.

    With more experience or as an established independent consultant one could earn more.

    ALL THE BEST.......

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?


    These are the various scope of chemical engineering--------------------

    1.Textiles sector
    2.Chemical industries
    3.Mineral-based industries
    4.Paints and Dyes
    5.Fertilizer industry
    6.Petroleum refining plants
    7.Pharmaceutical companies
    8.Fertilizer technology

    Best of luck
    thankyou ............

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?


    the scope of chemical engineering

    1.chemical indus.
    2.textiles sector
    4.petrochemical plants
    5.paints & dyes
    6.safety in chemical plants

    all the best-------------------

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?


    the scope of chemical engineering

    1.fertilizer industries
    3.paints & dyes
    4.textile sector
    7.chemical industries
    8.petrochemical plants

    all the best------------------------------

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    The chemical engineers have immense job prospects in various government companies.

    The jobs are mainly involved in the


    manufacturing plants,

    chemical and mineral based industries,

    petro chemicals and so on.

    The important companies in the government sector where in the chemical engineers has job opportunities are-


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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    i am complet B.E in chemical engineering .what is the scope for M.E after chemical engineering? i mean how many engineering to study for M.E after chemical engineering?

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?


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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Since there are less colleges in India which offers Chemical Engineering In India as compared to other branches like CS,IT,EC etc. So the scope for jobs is very bright due to less competition.
    As you belong to this field so you might be knowing that chemical engineering is a branch which deals with synthesis and analysis of chemicals. You have opportunities in all those companies(irrespective of private and public) which are indulged into this business.

    In public sector they have opportunities in
    ~petroleum Industries,
    ~atomic Power Plants,
    ~ Health Related Research Institutes etc.
    Also you have scope as Chemical Engineers in departments which are mainly designed for solving various environmental issues like environmental pollution, waste treatment, protecting environmental regulations, recycling, and energy conservation from different energy sources.

    In the private sector, the nature of the job varies according to the industry they work.
    Like there are various industries-
    ~mineral-based industries,
    ~chemical industries,
    ~manufacturing industries etc.
    Some chemical engineers who are able to arrange some capital set up their own chemical industries.

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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    Hi aspirant,

    Chemical Engineering deals with the the various aspects and processes that are involved in the chemical plants and industries such as designing, development and maintenance.

    It is a combination of chemistry with technology and principles of engineering and using this principle chemical engineers convert the raw materials into useful products. So the students those who have an dedication and aptitude towards chemical science should opt for chemical engineering.

    Qualification Required:

    - As for the eligibility one needs have at least complete their 10+2 intermediate course from an recognised university with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
    - For engineering candidate can choose three route such as B.tech, Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma.
    - After a graduation course you can go for Masters such as Master of Technology or Master of Master of Engineering. These are most obvious choices for post graduation.

    Courses you can opt for in chemical engineering:

    - B.E / B.Tech in Chemical Engineering
    - B.E (Hons) Chemical Engineering
    - B. Tech in Chemical Technology
    - B. Tech in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering
    - M. E / M.Tech in Chemical Engineering
    - M.E Chemical Process Design
    - M.E / M.Tech in Chemical Engineering
    - M. Tech in Chemical Systems
    - M.Tech in Electrochemical Engineering
    - Ph. D in Chemical Engineering
    - Diploma in Chemical Engineering
    - Diploma in Chemical Technology
    - Diploma in Petrochemical Technology

    As per the job scope of Chemical Engineering you can just guess by your daily using materials.
    Its scope varies from Biotechnology, Nanotechnology to Inorganic Chemicals and Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

    As a chemical engineer you can work in government sector companies those deals with Water treatment, Waste Management, Oil Extraction, Mining, Coal Field Engineering, Petrochemical Plants, Power Production house and various other PSUs and Government exams conducted by UPSC.


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    Re: What is the scope of chemical engineering?

    out of which b pharmacy or chemical engineering is best for girls?

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