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    What is the scope of BMS in future?

    hello sir/mam
    what is the scope of bms in future?

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    Hello Friend,

    BMS-Business Management System.

    Business management system is having a good scope in India as Abroad.

    After completing Business Management System you can work in the following functional areas.These vary slightly from company to company.

    *Human Resource Development or Personal Management

    *Management Information Systems (MIS)


    *Sales and Marketing

    *Production and Operation

    Some Special Areas Are Also There For Work In Business Management:

    International Management:

    >>It deals in all areas of international business and trade.

    Operational Research:

    >>Using mathematical analysis for solving production and financial problems.

    Public System Management:

    >>Management of non-government organization and cooperatives, public enterprises.

    Technology Management:

    >>Specializes in all aspects of technology, including marking and financing.

    Hospital Management:

    >>Responsible for the efficient running of health care organizations and hospitals.

    Management Consultancy:

    >>Responsible for identifying and correcting problems concerned company procedures, policies and methods.

    Hotel Management:

    >>Concentrates on all aspects of hotel administration and hospitality.

    Forest Management:

    >>Responsible for handling the marketing and administration of forest-related products and projects for forest development.

    Rural Management:

    >>Utilizing management practices for managing agro-based as well as other village industries as also marketing rural products.

    Leisure and Event Management:

    >>Management of leisure-related activities, parks, clubs and events.

    Disaster Management:

    >>This comes into action during the times of natural disasters and calamities and is involved with reconstructing and rehabilitating disaster-stricken people and managing relief materials as well as other resources.

    So, there is high scope of Business Management Courses in India.

    All The Best...

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a bachelor's degree in management and business studies.
    The University of Mumbai started this program in 1999.
    The degree is conferred upon a student after three years of full-time study.
    The program is structured around six semesters consisting of 40 modules - 38 theory papers and 2 projects.

    The program includes general business courses and advanced courses for specific concentrations.

    A variety of subjects such as Finance, Law, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Operations management.

    It is surely a good field to choose and you will be able to get good growth oppurtunities once you complete your studies.

    There are jobs available in:-

    Career options for BMS(Bachelor of Management Studies) :-

    1. Accountancy

    2. Management

    3. Sales and marketing.

    But you would have a better chance of getting a better job if you do a MBA degree after which you can be placed for higher salaried jobs.

    If any candidate has completed Bachelor of Management studies,he can choose courses like Management oriented courses,Mass communication,Human Resource Management,Sales and Marketing etc.

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    hello my dear friend,

    i am very much glad to hear that you are considering management studies for your future...................

    because now a days every one is opting for engg or medical...........

    scope of BMS

    $$-Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a bachelor's degree in management and business studies.

    $$-The degree aims to develop undergraduate students to be leaders and managers capable of taking on the challenges and rigors of the global market place.

    $$-Over the years, the program has grown in popularity among Indian students due to the growing demand for professionally qualified middle management executive in the market place.

    $$-If looking for higher education, it would be preferable to take up MBA after few year of work experience.

    so be brave and select your career accrdingly...................

    best of luck for your future.....................

    and always think positive.......................

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    Hello Friend !!

    BMS -- Bachelor of Management Studies.

    Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is a full-time course of three year duration.

    This degree programme comprises six semesters having 40 modules, 38 theory papers and two projects.

    Eligibility Criteria :

    You should have completed the HSC or equivalent examinations from any of the three streams of Science, Arts or Commerce.

    After the completion of the HSC or equivalent examination with a minimum of 45 percent marks you need to pass an entrance test which is called, the Centralised Common Entrance Examination.

    The duration of this test is 75 minutes and it possesses 100 questions in the fields of English, Math, Logical Reasoning and Visual Reasoning.

    BMS Course Structure :

    The first semester includes Foundations of Human Skill-I, Business Law, Finance and Cost Accounting, Effective Communication-I, Quantitative Methods for Business-I, Principles of Management-I and Introduction to Computers.

    Second semester contains the subjects like Foundations of Human Skill-II, Computer applications in business, Industrial Law, Managerial Economics-I, Business Environment, Production Management and Environment Management.

    The Third semester of BMS includes Management Accounting, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics-II, Effective Communication-II, Material Management and Principles of Management-II.

    The Fourth semester includes International Marketing, Export-Import procedures and documentation, Elements of direct and indirect taxes, Productivity and Quality management, Management of Small Scale Industries and Public Relations Management.

    Fifth semester includes Subjects like Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Service Sector Management, Elements of Logistics Management, Rural Marketing, Management of Cooperatives and Project Work-I.

    The sixth semester of Bachelor of Management Studies includes Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Methods for Business-II, Marketing Research, Indian Management Thought and Practices, Elective Paper-I: International Finance or Econometrics, Elective Paper-II: Special Study in Finance or Marketing and Project Work-II.

    BMS Scope :

    After successful completion of the BMS or Bachelor of Management Studies one can pursue any one of the different courses like,

    Management oriented courses like,

    MBA and

    Non-Management oriented courses like,

    Mass Communication, etc.

    After Bachelor of Management Studies you can opt for a career in :

    Human Resource Management,
    Sales and Marketing,
    Jobs in PSU banks,
    Research and Development, etc.

    Top BMS Colleges in India are :

    St. Francis College for Women Hyderabad, India
    Satya Institute of Media and Management Lucknow, India
    St.Josephs College of Commerce Bangalore, India
    KIIT School of Management - IBAT Bhubaneswar, India
    Prestige Institute of Management and Research Indore, India
    Apeejay Institute of Management Jalandhar, India
    Fostiima Business School Delhi/NCR, India
    Badruka College Post Graduate Center Hyderabad, India
    Chandigarh Business School (CBS) Mohali, India
    Aryans Group of Colleges (AGC) Mohali, India

    All the Best !!

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    Thumbs up Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    Hi friend,

    well, BMS means many things , you should have clarified it already. It may mean :

    >> Business Management System.

    >>Building Management System.

    >>Brodcast Management service.

    >>Bachelor of Management Studies.

    >>Bachelor in Marine science.

    But i am considering it to be Bachelor of Management Studies, since most people often refer it as BMS. Well, not much hot listed but this trade has shown some future, yet it is undermined in comparison to BBA,etc.

    Lucrative careers are available for BMS graduates in many fields. A few of them are mentioned below:

    > Banking.
    > Budget Planning.
    > Business.
    > Educational Institutes.
    > Entrepreneurial Ventures.
    > Financial Services.

    The remuneration of BMS students is dependent upon the type of organizations that takes them in. Freshers will earn around Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000 each month. With increase in experience individuals can make as much as Rs. 12,000 - Rs. 18,000 every month. This will go up as you gain more experience.

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    There are lots of Meaning for BMS, like- Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Media Science etc. You should required to tell us with detail.

    However, I can guess you are tralking about Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS). If so, the let me give a brief account for it.

    We can considered the both subjects more or less same. Both the dergees emphasis on imparting Basic managerial skills and accounting applications.

    We can considered BBA as a new wine in old bottle. Rest of all is same for both the courses.

    But instead of this fact BBA takes a quite lead then BMS.

    Thats because BBA is easily available in any college and also due to the fact that after Completing BBA one can find MBA not tougher.

    Whera as BMS being traditional and some what old, it takes hard time to students for finding that course, as various institutes has replaced it with BBA.

    And also after BBA from a good college, you may find easy job in any Banks, BPOs, Tour & Travel agencies etc.

    But that does'nt mean that BMS is no more remain fruitfull.

    It has its own value and it not be so fruit full unless clubed it with some post graduate degree or diploma or it is better for those who want to make there career in Insurance or Investment like companies.

    Good Luck . .

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    this course is a good one,it has a very good scope.after completing this course you can do your mba also.in this you have different streams of marketing ,business,finance etc.and you can also do your MMS(master of management studies).many companies offer good job oppurtunities with the best pay,if you decide to opt this course its a good one and has a good future

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    There are lots of meanings for BMS like,
    Bachelor of Biomedical science,
    Bachelor of media science etc.
    You should required to tell us with detail.
    However ,I can guess you are tracking about Bachelor of management studies.If so ,the let me give a brief account for it.
    We can considered the both subjects more or less same .Both the degrees emphasis on imparting basic managerial skills and accounting applications.
    we can considered BBA as a new wine in old bottle.Rest of all is same for both the courses.
    And also after BBA from a good college,you may find easy job any banks ,BPO's,Tour & Travel agencies etc.

    But that does not mean that BMS is no more remain fruitfull.It has its own value and it not be so fruit full unless clubed it with some post graduate degree or diploma or it is better for those who want to make their career in insurence or investiments like companies.

    All the best....................

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    Re: What is the scope of BMS in future?

    Bms stands for batchlor of management studies this very good course for geting jobs in india as well as in abroad .in course all the buisness related courses are studied and u can sales,marketing,finance official work etc,after this course earning is good in jobs,after this course u can also do mba,,al the best.

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