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    What is the scope for B.Pharm or D.Pharm course?

    What is the Scope for Bpharm or Dpharm course?

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    Re: What is the scope for B.Pharm or D.Pharm course?

    Job Prospect after B.PHARM
    It can be easily categorized in six broadly divided sectors:
    1.Pharmaceutical Industries
    6.Drug Administration

    1)Pharmaceutical Industries
    According to an individual’s interest,one can opt for the main streams opportunities in the industries.Following are they:
    *Purchase and Inventory management
    *Research and Product management
    *Quality Assurance
    *Quality Control

    *Medical representative
    *Area manager
    *Regional manager
    *Marketing management
    *Product management

    *M.TECH in Bio technology
    *Post graduate in MBA
    *Opt for higher studies
    *Post graduate in M.PHARM
    *Teaching in D.PHARM institute

    4)Drug Administration
    *Drug Inspector
    *Central drug control lab
    *State drug control lab

    *Establish his own pharmaceutical industry
    *Own a whole sale retail shop

    *IT and Insurance sector jobs
    *BANK and other financial concern
    *Community pharmacist

    Jobs in Private Sectors
    Some of the job descriptions for B.PHARM freshers in private sectors may include:
    *Private college
    *Pharmaceutical industry
    *Pharmacist in hospital
    *Pharmacy technician

    You can also have a license of owning your own medical whole sale shop from the state pharmacy council.

    Jobs in Government Sectors
    A few of the job arena for freshers after B.PHARM are under stated:
    *Chemical Industry
    *Drug Inspector
    *Food industry
    *Pharmacist consultants
    *DRUG SQUAD in Police Department

    Job prospects in abroad
    Many leading pharmacy firms requires work experience as well as well to deal education in that particular field.One can go for expertise in a particular stream or topic in pharmacy in RESEARCH field and go abroad,which has got tremendous scope after B.PHARM through GRE or TOEFL.Apart from this,student can work as Medical Transcriptionist.

    There are many institutions and coaching centres running almost in every region where one can easily trained themselves and prepare well for opting higher studies from abroad,which obviously demand for much work experience,skill and education.One is capable enough of deciding their own path and hence their future ahead.Both in our nation as well as abroad got really exceptional scope for one who is into this field of medicines.Just a piece of advice from pharmacy world experts,”Attaining just a graduation degree in B.PHARM is not all,that would take you to some extra ordinary luxurious life ahead,for sake of this you ought to have some higher qualifications and have that zeal and enthusiasm in you to strive for the goal you urge to have in your life.

    Hope you readers and followers liked my this piece of writing and this might be useful for your future sake.The decision is obviously your’s in which you desperately want to get into.Make a wise move ahead.

    All the best....

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    Re: What is the scope for B.Pharm or D.Pharm course?

    Hi aspirant,

    A B.Pharm graduate is eligible to teach D.Pharm students either in private college or Govt. polytechnic colleges.There is wide area of fields where a Bpharm graduates can apply for jobs or go for any higher studies.

    Jobs in Pharmacyceutical Industry


    A B.Pharm graduate with good knowledge can rule any of the following areas:
    Formulation R & D
    Analytical R & D
    Bulk R & D
    Production Management
    Quality Control
    Quality Assurance
    Intellectual Property Rights and Regulatory Affairs
    Sales and Marketing
    Packaging development
    Clinical Research
    Contract Research Organization
    Product Management
    Medical Transcription
    Business development

    Government Jobs within your Field :

    1. Drug inspector
    2. Assistant chemical examiners in prohibition and excise subordinate service
    3. Govt. Analyst or Drug analyst (in state govt. or central govt.)


    The salary packages always depend upon the company you are intersted to join. The salary packages will have a starting range from Rs- 10000 --> Rs. 15000 depending upon the company, post for which we have applied, If you have experience then you can expect much better salary packages.


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    Re: What is the scope for B.Pharm or D.Pharm course?

    After graduation in pharma you will get following types of jobs-

    Chemist in pharma labs

    Analyst in labs

    Lab technician



    You can open your own shop at small level but you can make good many after one to two years.

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