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    What is the scope of B.Ed course in future?

    hello sir/mam
    i have done b.com and m.com i wanted to know wat is the scope of b.ed for me

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    Re: What is the scope of B.Ed course in future?

    My dear friend.

    B.Ed stands for Bachelor of Education.

    It is a 2 year post graduation course.

    It is a great course if you want to go into the teaching field.

    After doing B.Ed you can go for M.A or M.Ed.

    Then you can also become a lecturer.

    But after B.Ed you only teach upto middle classes or upto 8th class.

    Hope the information will be helpful.



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    Re: What is the scope of B.Ed course in future?


    With the current scenario the scope of B.Ed is really vast. With more stress on education system government has laid much emphasis on the quality of teachers.
    With more funds invested in this sector salary packages to encourage the young talent is motivated.

    Basic qualificationdepends on state to state basis)
    Any bachelors degree with atleast 45 % marks
    Age not less than 21 years

    As per the question why one should do B.Ed I would like to highlight some basic points

    General objectives of the B. Ed. course:

    1. To promote capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the constitution of India.
    2. to act as agents of modernization and social change.
    3. to promote social cohesion, international understanding and protection of human rights and rights of the child.
    4. to become competent and committed professionals willing to perform the identified tasks.
    5. to use competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective teacher.
    6. to be sensitive student teacher about emerging issues such as environment, population, gender equality, legal literacy etc.
    7. to inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the students.
    8. to develop critical awareness about the social realities among the students.
    9. to use managerial and organizational skills.

    I will advice you to go through the points and see if your temperament suits this needs. Since you are over qualified for this exam Thereby you should have clear idea why you are pursuing this stream.

    All the best..!!

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    Re: What is the scope of B.Ed course in future?

    which one is best B.sc agriculture or B.sc/B.ed ???

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