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    What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?
    thank you..

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    Re: What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    Hello friend,

    Here First i want to tell you , the B.Arch Engineering Field and Arch job have always Constant Market in Every Where. that means its always in Demand.
    Since The Indian Infra is Increasing Day by Day. So, it is now in Demand in Real State in India. as well as Abroad.

    So, with this career you can Achieve More as well as money. if you having Good Design Skill and Exp. in this sector.


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    Re: What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    Hello dear.... There are some options which are same for india and abroad also. Areas are- interior designer, landscape architect, assitant architect, 3D animation, civil engineering. These are all in delhi like metropolitan cities. You are also go for dubai . There are total 83 jobs for interior designer in dubai,doha, emirates. Thank you.

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    Re: What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    architects are gaining wide popularity all over the world
    Today, in world of Infrastructure there is a great demand for them

    you can apply in following departments

    Department of railways
    Construction field
    Interior Designing
    Landscape Designing

    As a fresher in Architect you can get pay upto 2 to 2.5 lacs per annum

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    Re: What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    Dear Friend,

    These days the Scope for Architects is very bright in India and abroad also. From the initial stage of landscape desinging to interior designing the job of an architect has become very important. The scope for making a successful career as an architect is vast. And especially at the present day and world when the space is getting reduced everyday the service of an Architect is most sought after. High rise structures are increasingly on demand, and along with that the demand of sustainable structure is also increasing. With smaller cities and towns opting for high-rise structures the scope of Architecture study is ever increasing. So getting independant projects is not much tough for a qualified architect.

    Initially A fresh graduate in Architecture can expect minimum 2 to 2.5lakhs per year. And depending on the person's commitment, and sincereity to a project a fresh graduate too can expect more than this.

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    Re: What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    Architects have the good scope in India and another country.
    You can achive new mountains from this course

    Career Options
    Architect in public works department of state and central governments, urban development authorities, and private architectural firms. After gaining sufficient experience and confidence, architects can start independent practice by establishing their own firms.


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    Re: What is the scope for architects in India & Abroad?

    Architecture is part of the 2nd largest industry in India i.e., Construction Industry next to Agriculture. It is usually initiated by Developers, Builders, Corporates etc & the Architect is the Main Consultant who is involved in all aspects of the Project from scratch to execution.

    In capacity of an Architect, a person has several career opportunities depending on expertise or area of specialization e.g.,

    1. Urban Planner : Designing & Master Planning of Towns or large scale areas.

    2. Building Designer: Planning of Buildings e.g., Bungalows, Apartments, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels etc.

    3. Interior Designer: Interior Designing of various spaces

    4. Landscape Designer: Designing of landscapes

    5. Elevation Designer: Designing of Building Exteriors

    6. Liasaoning Consultant: Municipal Approvals

    7. Arbitrator: Lawyer of Judge for technical cases.

    8. Valuer: Property valuation

    9. 3d Visualizer

    10. Project Management Consultant: Execution of Projects

    11. Environmental/Sustainable Design Consultant

    12. Surveyor

    13. Documentator

    14. Art/Set Designer

    These are just a few careers options for an Architect from amongst more than 100. Some of the above fields do not require the Architect to have creative or aesthetic sense though a general understanding & aptitude is important for communication purpose.

    The average starting salary of a Fresh Graduate Architect usually ranges from Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 20,000/- INR per month in India depending of the Architect's Skills & the Employer Organization. With experience of more than 10 years, the salary per month could be more than 1 Lakh per month depending on type of experience & delivering capapilities of the Architect. If Practising independently, the fees of the Architect is 5 % of the Total Project Cost depending on scope of work for an Architectural project as per Council of Architecture norms.

    I would suggest you join a field that is your area of interest or expertise which would be easier for you to sustain for a lifetime.

    Thank you

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