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    What is the scope after M.Sc (Physics) other than teaching field?

    what is the scope after m.sc. physics at cu raj in other than teaching line
    scope after m.sc. physics

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    Re: What is the scope after M.Sc (Physics) other than teaching field?

    Why don't you go for the technical jobs in companies. for you I would recommend companies like CTS or IBM or Accenture or Capgemini. Other than these top level companies, you can go for smaller companies. You can go for small term projects. These are very common thing in educational organizations. Since you are from CU you can look into CU's official website and check for any upcoming projects that will recruit people from physics domain. You will get a monthly scholarship. This will help you in getting further jobs in good corporate sectors. They will see that you have work experience in projects, so they will like such people over others.
    And like I said before, you can look for smaller corporate organizations in job portals like www.brightrecruits.com/job or www.naukri.com. You have post your CV there and the companies like your CV, they will notify you.

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