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    What is the scope after B.Tech + MBA?

    I've read a few posts where some people have already completed their dual degree programmes. I just completed 3 years of Electronics & Communication engg. and am interested in joining the 'strategy management' course after this. I just want to assure that such people are in demand for jobs and what all career options would be available.
    Thank you

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    varalakshmi nelavelli
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    Re: What is the scope after B.Tech + MBA?

    you have so many opportunities after completing your MBA
    1.working in MNC like wipro,tcs, and many big companies,as a HR.
    2.if you choose the marketing field, you will get a chance to work in big companies like hindustan liver.
    3.you can work as big financer in many top banks like ICICI,HDFC,SBI.
    4.you can become good career counselor.

    for joining MBA a good college first of all you have qualify in entrance test.for MBA there are many entrance tests.you have to qualify any of the test like

    and you should have completed your graduation with 55% in any recognized University..

    All the best........

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    lakshmi dhana
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    Re: What is the scope after B.Tech + MBA?

    Getting an MBA degree B. Tech ensure that you can work in the marketing sections of various organisations. It will improve the chances of finding jobs by a lot. Today, most of the students are rushing to get a degree in B. Tech and therefore the competition for high paid jobs will be stiffer. By getting an MBA degree, you open up wider range of opportunities and improve the chances of getting yourself selected to a post with a very good pay.

    Thank you...

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    who am i?
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    Re: What is the scope after B.Tech + MBA?

    since you have completed B.Tech in ECE stream,you can only go either in software or Hardware fields.You have all possible opportunities in the IT-industry.Since you are interested in doing MBA,you have many opportunities because you get to choose major and minor subjects in second year this will increase your career options.
    You can pursue a good career in the fields of finance,marketing and HR.Definitely its a good option.

    All the Best......

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    Re: What is the scope after B.Tech + MBA?

    Hi friend
    If you are want to take mba after B TECH A in ELECTRONIC AND COMMUNICATION then itís a good choice because now a dayís most of the people doing mba after engineering and they are able to get a high placement in the top companies India of and in abroad. Because the requirement of engineering are slowly decreases day by day but if you have a degree of like mba with it. I am sure that they will be easily getting the right job in any field and secure their future also.
    Thanking you hope you like my suggestion.
    Best of luckÖ.

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