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    What is the role of animation in present scenario?

    animation in global prospective
    role of animation in present scenario.
    animation in global prospective.

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    Re: What is the role of animation in present scenario?

    there are various number of employment opportunities in animation.it is growing into a multi billion dollar in industry.among them were:
    layout artist
    clean upartist
    scanner operator
    digital ink and paint artist
    key from animation
    background artist
    in between animator
    it is used in various applications such as:
    virtual reality in defence
    web designing
    fashion designing
    interior designing
    development of computer games
    mobile games
    medical,legal and insurance industry
    leading and training institutions.

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    Re: What is the role of animation in present scenario?

    In todays time of animation where people have the scope to experience the 3D and 5D aspects of live there is ample of scope for young talent.
    You can pursue certification courses in animation by various institutes and can enter the animation section in various MNC or in various other film editing.
    With the animation in comics it give a wide horizon to explore its various aspects.

    Softwares like
    StruCAD(Engineering application software)
    all works on animation.

    Academy of Animation and Gaming (A.A.G.) is the prestigious organization that provides certification courses.
    You can enroll for the same and can be employed either in
    Music industry
    Television etc.

    All the best...!!

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    Re: What is the role of animation in present scenario?

    Hello Friend...........


    Animations is one of the demand full career prospects in the present world and the employment opportunities for the Animation course are also increasing day by day for the Animation course of study..In the recent global economic records of the employment opportunities the Animation course is having the high jobs prospects and also the demand for this career is also more....

    Generally the animation is classified in to the 2d animation and the 3d animations.In the film Industries also the demand for these Animators also increase and nearly thousands of the candidates are getting the employment in the Animation jobs in the film makings every year,so the growth rate for the animations increase a lot....

    There is a lot of demand for the Cartoons and also the Games also there were lots of demand and the new inventions of the games and the cartoons will increase a lot for the further future and the demand for the Animations are also increase a lot....
    The study of the Animation course will also be high and t costs up to the 50,000 to 2,00,000 also for learning the Animations.In order to become a good animator you need to have good analytical skills and interest in the drawing and creations also....

    For making a movie nearly 500 Animators are required and the salaries will also be high for the animators and the demand for the Animations increase a lot,Mostly the Hollywood and also now a days the tolly wood are also using the animations for making the movies and the demand for them also increases a lot....
    The pay scale for the animators ranges a lot and the starting the animators will receive the pay scale up to the 10,000 to 15,000 .........

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