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    What are the required qualifications for CEO post?

    hello sir/mam
    what are the qualifications required for ceo post

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    Re: What are the required qualifications for CEO post?

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer[/COLOR]

    There is specific eligibility criteria to become CEO.

    Now a Days Master degree in Management is mostly Preferred for a CEO but you should complete your MBA from a recognized university because most of the company hired to those candidate who have good experience of a company.

    You must have a good knowledge about Law, Finance and Management.And mainly companies required minimun 6-7 year expierence.

    CEO himself can be the owner of the company or any other person. Leadership quality is one of the important aspects for a CEO.You have good communication skill, managing skill & problem solving skill are also required for this post.

    A CEO should maintain a good relation with both a employee and a management in an organization.

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]These are the Qualifications which required for the CEO Job :=[/COLOR]
    • Prior management experience, preferably in a high-technology startup company.
    • Demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
    • Ability to provide leadership to a diverse group of people.
    • Ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks and to function well under pressure.
    • Working knowledge of developing, maintaining and supporting computer software.
    • Experience formulating objectives, standards, and procedures.
    • Knowledge of negotiation and administration of contracts and legal aspects of a corporation.
    • Working knowledge and experience developing budgets and using cost control techniques.
    • Experience managing and evaluating technical and supervisory personnel in a data processing

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