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    What are the prospects for Graphic Designers?

    What are the prospects for Graphic Designers?
    thank you..

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    Re: What are the prospects for Graphic Designers?

    Hello . .

    Graphic Designer is a creative person . . .!!

    The field of designing is a creative one and well paid one . .

    you need not worry about the opportunities awaited . .

    as they are plenty of requirement in this field . .

    the case when your design talks that's the foremost thing . .

    your work makes you more popular than your name . .

    You can work in Multimedia companies like ;



    Pixelloid . .

    You can even get into 3-D which the most upcoming variation in the field of graphics . .

    just go with your work . . .

    don't worry about the job . . . . .it will come searching to you . .

    Just Be Innovative . . !!

    Good Luck . .

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    Re: What are the prospects for Graphic Designers?

    dear graphic designer is an over saturated market ,the lure you will be observe is
    attractive lifestyle,along with misconceived acclaim to fame .
    a graphic designer is almost an indispensable part of any media or web organisation ,
    the primary job for you is to give you a attractive look to the site and design the various images and animations that have to be displayed on the web pages.
    with websites vying with each other to offer enchanting
    • e-greetings,
    • wallpapers,
    • screen savers and animated pictures to surfers,
    the dot co companies have come to rely heavily on graphic designers.
    in print and television media , and advertising agencies too, your work is too draw cartoons,
    charts etc..

    you may also land a job at garment manufacturing firms,
    publishing houses and film and documentary companies.
    • you can also work in the
    • newspapers,
    • magazines,
    • television,
    • films,
    • special effects companies,
    • technical publications,
    • advertising agencies,
    according to SUDARSHAN DHEER
    "financial incentives for professional in this field has augmented marginally in comparison to the existing rate of inflation.the number of designers like you are opting to work in the field of multimedia though is on the rise ".

    future career
    graphic design will become ever more significant as computer technology becomes more universally available and as more and more companies realize that a definitive ,
    distinctive logo,
    and also product design can make an enormous difference ,
    graphic design course
    design is the process of visual communication which combines words,
    and ideas to present the information to the audience,
    the graphic designer is a specialist in solving the problems associated with visual communication.
    you will have a skills in
    • drawing,
    • layout,
    • typography,
    • lettering,
    • diagramming,and
    • photography,
    you have works in many fields like
    designing newspapers,
    corporate reports,
    journals and other publications.
    you can also create the promotional displays,
    marketing brouchers for services and products,
    design distinctive logos for business and products,
    you have a three course in graphic designing in bachelor of fine arts (BFA) IS ONE SUCH COURSE.
    • you must have 10+2 to get eligible for this course.
    institutes offering graphic design courses are
    • national institute of design in Gujarat,
    • industrial design center IIT Bombay in Maharashtra,
    • industrial institute of technology in KANPUR,
    • symbiosis institute of design in pune,

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    Re: What are the prospects for Graphic Designers?


    With your degree in graphic design. It allows you to go in two different directions: [COLOR="rgb(0, 100, 0)"]bachelors in Web Design or 3D animation[/COLOR]

    The demand for graphic designers is very high especially in this recession. You can go in countless fields and even chose to work for yourself. People are ALWAYS looking to advertise their business in this slow economy. The demand is so high that the career services at my college find have found jobs for [COLOR="rgb(0, 100, 0)"]99%[/COLOR] of our graphic designers in this recession. The average at any college is around[COLOR="rgb(0, 100, 0)"] 60% to 70%[/COLOR]. You can do plenty of other work from packaging, to working at a news station, newspaper company, online companies, gaming companies. The possiblities of the job are endless...

    When a recession hits, graphic designers bring in the big bucks but once its over, theyre still making money!

    gud luck !!

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    Re: What are the prospects for Graphic Designers?

    Itís getting to that time of year again in the UK where the mad dash begins for University and College graduates to find a job in their desired field. Itís no easy task by any means, especially if you are seeking to gain a foothold in the creative industries. Considering the state of the world economy, itís no surprise that there arenít enough jobs to go around, though this has been the case for some time even before the aftermath of the credit crunch.

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