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    What are the pros and cons of a Chart Accountants career?

    aWhat are the pros and cons of a Chart Accountants career?

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    Re: What are the pros and cons of a Chart Accountants career?

    CA is as good a career like any other among engg (top 50 collgs), medical (if u have the perseverance of slogging it out 10-12 years), law

    The rider is: It is always better if u actually do your article-ship rather than be a dummy candidate diligently and preferably under a good CA-- so as to have a wide and respectable exposure and experience-- as well as clear all the exams 1st attempt. IF so, job prospects are great--- and you can even branch out on your own-- w/o any discernible investment.

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    Re: What are the pros and cons of a Chart Accountants career?

    Hello Guest,
    Its good to see you on this site.You are interested to do Charted Accounts.
    First let me tell you some basic things.
    1.you should be very good in mathematics.
    2.You should not expect much spoon feeding as you get in SSC and INTERMEDIATE. You should be ready to learn the things by your own.
    3.You should have a good patience to get through CA.
    Now we discuss different paths we having in CA.

    1.You can do CA after your INTERMEDIATE.(If you are from any group you can go for that but if you take MEC or CEC ,it will be good for you to get through).
    2..You can do CA after your Degree.(In Degree its better to take BCOM as your course.)
    We have two different paths in CA also
    In PCC where you can have two groups along with that you can do your articles also but in IPCC you are allowed to do articles only after completion of GROUP B.After you get complete of Articles ,you are allowed to appear for CA FINAL exam.

    Coming to PROS and CONS,
    No doubt You will be having a great future once you get complete of your CA, but you should have a great patience to get complete your CA.Because its not that much easy when it compared to some other degree courses but you will be having great future once you get complete of it and you enjoy the success.


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    Re: What are the pros and cons of a Chart Accountants career?

    pros of the charted accountant,
    • you can do this course at less cost,
    • you have good salary,
    • more number of opportunity,
    • less competition,
    if you will do this course you will be specialized in
    • auditing,
    • taxation,
    • and accounting,
    cons of charted accountant,
    • if you are failed in any one paper you have to write the all papers once again,
    • you have very few good colleges,
    • you have to spend more on studies,

    you have to cross three stages to complete this course
    • stage1:-CPT (common proficiency test)
    • stage2:-IPCC (integrated professional competence course)
    • stage3:-article ship and final course
    mainly you have to cross the CPT exam,
    this entry level exam is much more important to you ,
    eligible for writing the entrance test CPT
    You must pass 10+2 to eligible for this exam; you may also have any kind of degree from recognized university to eligible for this exam,
    The branches at which you are going to pay is
    • Mumbai,
    • new Delhi, Chennai,
    • Kolkata,
    • fundamentals of accounting:- this carries 60 marks
    • merchant laws:-this carries 40 marks, you have to attempt in two hours
    • general economics:-50 marks
    • quantitative aptitude:- 50 marks , you have to attempt this two in two hours.
    • you have to get 50% of marks to qualify for the nest round .
    you have to complete your registration before 2 months or more than that.
    eligibility for the IPCE
    you have to pass CPT and 10+2 exam to get eligible,
    you have to enroll for this examination at 9 months before examination,after registration for the IPCC you have to take 100hours ITT course with ICAI.
    subjects fort he IPCC
    • accounting,
    • law ethics and communication,
    • cost accounting and financial management,
    • taxation
    • part-1:income tax,
    • part-2:service tax and VAT,
    GROUP -2
    • advanced accounting,
    • auditing and assurance,
    • information technology and strategic management
    • section:a:information technology,
    • section:b:strategic management
    after passing the IPCE you are going to enter into the final course called ARTICLESHIP
    to write the articleship you should pass at least group-1 of IPCE and should have completed ITT of 100 hours.
    after the articleship you have to write the final course
    syllabus for the final course
    • financial reporting,
    • strategic financial management,
    • advanced auditing and professional ethics,
    • corporate laws and secretarial practice
    • advanced management accounting,
    • information systems control,
    • direct taxes,
    • indirect taxes,
    all the best

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