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    What is the procedure to become an IRS officer?

    What is the procedure to become an IRS officer?
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    Re: What is the procedure to become an IRS officer?

    Indian Revenue Service is the fourth most respective officer of civil services after IAS,IPS and IFS.

    These are the officers having the responsibility of checking the proper collection of revenue through taxes of the Government

    Eligibility Criteria :

    *A candinate should complete the degree from the Indian universtiy.
    *A candinate who doing is final year can also appear in the preliminary examination taken by every year by UPSC.
    *A candinate should completed minimum 21 years and maximum 30 years

    Exam Pattern:

    The exam pattern classified into 2 types :

    1)General studies-150 marks
    2)Optional paper-300 marks

    In optional papers you can choose any one of the following subjects like agriculture,botany,chemistry,civil engineering,commerce,economics,geography,maths,phy sics,philosophy,statistics,sociolagy and zoology

    A candidate who cleared the preliminary exam can take the final exam normally held in the month of october.
    After you sucessfully completed the final exam you will call for a interview there they will test your personality and mental ability.

    If u completed all these steps you will become a IRS trainee for 3 months.

    The highest grade in IRS oficer career prospects is

    *Assistant commisioner
    *Chief commisioner

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