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    What other courses should I do along with 11th and 12th?

    during 11th and 12th what other courses i can do?
    i have more time to do other course during 11th and 12th pleas e suggest

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    Re: What other courses should I do along with 11th and 12th?

    Well this is very interesting thing that you have mentioned. I myself have used the time before my 11th and 12th classes started. So I very much know that it is very useful if you utilize that time. Now there are two kinds of things that can be done in this time One, you can go for vocational courses like music, dance forms(like Salsa, Western Classical, Tango and lots more), Painting etc. This will give you a different kind of personal relaxation and newer knowledge.
    Next you can think of technical courses to be done like courses on graphics, on cryptography, C and Java programming, C# courses or PHP and ASP courses. All these will help you technically from different aspects. DO not attempt for all the courses I mentioned. It will be a mish mash and become rubbish. Instead choose the best you liked and pursue that only.

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