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    What is meant by resonance? Explain it with example?

    hello sir/madam
    what do mean by resonance?explain its conditions with example.

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    Re: What is meant by resonance? Explain it with example?

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    Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with the greater tendency and amplitude at some frequencies.Resonance occurs when a system is able to transfer the energy between the two or more different storage modes.how ever there are some loses from cycle to cycle.called damping.
    When the damping is small then the resonance frequency is equal to the natural frequency of the system.Resonance generally occurs in any of the types of the vibrations or the waves.Resonant systems can generate the vibrations of the specific frequency.

    Resonance generally occurs when the structure or a material oscillates with the higher amplitude with the greater frequency.The state of the structure in which a large vibration is produced in response to the external stimulus when the frequency of the stimulus is the same....

    There are some frequencies which you will be hearing in the Resonance classification are of...
    *Number of Cycles
    *Frequency is measured in Hertz,the unit of measurement.
    The resonant frequency depends up on the factors like the...
    >>composition of the object
    These are the main factors on which the resonant body depends up on....

    Example for the Resonance:
    Suppose if you take a bucket of water and a stone or any piece of the thing and throw it in the water of the container in which you take the water,then water vibrates and spreads in to the waves as this is because of the disturbance of the stone which you had thrown and causes the vibrations in the water..This is one of the example of the Resonance.......
    You can also see the resonance in the sound of the music and due to the resonance only the sound will increase and spreads all over...It is mainly used to increase the loudness of the sound the resonance is used....

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    Re: What is meant by resonance? Explain it with example?


    What books says is this :-
    When a specific fundamental frequency is created by any other object in the neighborhood of the original object, the original object responds to that frequency and that response is called resonance.

    In Simple Language :- If we play a violin then its one wire will oscillate and effects the other wires to at the same time due to resonance. it increase at low density and decreases at high density

    Hpoe it will help


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    Re: What is meant by resonance? Explain it with example?

    In different context resonance means different things...For Example
    In case one if you consider a tunning fork... when the frequency of the tunning fork is equal to the Natural Frequency then is called Resonance.
    In case two if you consider RLC circuits when the circuit is purely resistive you tell that as Resonance because in these circuits even if the Inductor(L) and the Capacitor(C) are present in the Circuit the effect of these will be cancelleld by each other hence the equivalent circuit solely depends on the value of Resistance.

    I think this info helps you>>>>>>>>>

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