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    What is meant by Instrumentation Engineering?


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    Re: What is meant by Instrumentation Engineering?

    Instrumentation Engineering is the engineering which is focused on the design and configuration and automated systems.
    Instrumentation Engineers are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of instruments and entire instrumentation systems considered being the eyes and
    ears of any industrial undertaking. The type of instruments needed for ensuring better quality and efficiency of the end product are decided by an instrumentation engineer responsibile for installation and commissioning as well as trouble shooting.

    These are the Instrumentation Engineering Colleges in India :-

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    Hindustan College of Engineering, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai
    Annamalai University, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Annamalai Nagar
    ISS College of Engineering, Hyderabad
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
    Regional Engineering College (REC) Jaipur
    Regional Engineering College (REC) Allahabad
    Anupama College of Engineering, Etemadpurm, Agra.
    Regional Engineering College (REC) Tiruchchirappalli
    Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Karunya Institute of Technology, Siruvam, Coimbatore
    Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam
    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
    Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai
    Regional Engineering College (REC) Durgapur
    Bankura Unayani Institute of Engineering, District Bankura.
    Regional Engineering College (REC) Jamshedpur
    MS Ramaiah Univerisity, MS Ramaiah Nagar, MSRIT Post, Bangalore
    Amrita Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
    Dehra Dun Institute of Technology, Dehra Dun
    Regional Engineering College (REC) Warangal
    MGR Engineering College, Chennai.

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