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    What is meant by GRID computing?

    what is GRID computing?

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    Re: What is meant by GRID computing?

    Hi there!
    >>GRID computing is a new concept and Microsoft is the leading palyer to make the best use of it.
    >>In GRID computing the computer are arranged in a GRID and make use of web services(Via Asp.net)
    >>The software technologies and embedded programming are implemented in GRID technology.
    >>Well,it will take some more time to be fully utilized by other competior.
    >>Actually Jose Mathews fro the Intel next gen innovator team invented this modern methodology.
    >>WCF and WPF concepts will be used to the fullest with the help of this GRID computing

    Happy GRID-Computing

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    Re: What is meant by GRID computing?

    what is meant by grid computing?explain with examples.

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