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    What is meant by dissipative force?

    What is meant by dissipative force?
    thank you.

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    Re: What is meant by dissipative force?

    dear friend

    dissipative forces is force where the total energy of the system decreases when the object is in motion.

    as for example that is an object moving in a liquid.

    ---> in other words forces that cannot be described by Hamiltonian formalism.

    --->it is a non potential force.

    types of dissipative forces:

    1.frictional forces.

    2.viscous forces.

    3.high velocity friction.

    hope the information is clear to you.

    all the best.


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    Re: What is meant by dissipative force?


    Dissipative Force ::-

    Dissipative forces are forces of such nature that energy is lost from a system when motion takes place.
    A dissipative force counteracts motion. Its direction is opposite to the direction of the velocity vector.
    Hence any dissipative force depends on velocity, be it on its direction only or also on its magnitude.
    Dissipative forces are non-conservative; they cannot be derived from a potential, not even from a velocity-dependent potential.

    Mainly Three Types :

    Kinetic Friction
    Linear Damping
    Quadratic Damping

    Good luck.........

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