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    What is meant by computer hardware?

    What is a computer hardware?

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    Re: What is meant by computer hardware?

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    What is a computer hardware?

    Computer hardware, including computer parts of all the physical in order to distinguish it included or hardware implementation of data and to provide instructions to complete the task of the software.

    Computer hardware include: Chassis, motherboards, bus, power supply, memory controllers, interface cards, portable storage devices, built-in memory, input devices, output devices.
    Board including

    Board carrying the CPU (or CPU), memory (random access memory) and for the expansion card slot (but the CPU and memory are not integrated on the motherboard, not the board's attachment, itself belongs to the computer hardware)

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    Re: What is meant by computer hardware?

    Hello Friend !!

    Computer Hardware :

    Before knowing about the Computer Hardware, I will explain you about the first word Computer from Computer Hardware.

    Because this makes you sense that What is Hardware and What it is meant for and why Hardware is essential for a Computer.

    Computer :

    A computer is a programmable machine or more precisely, a programmable sequential state machine.

    Computer is designed to reduce the Human Works and make simpler the Human Activities.

    There are two basic kinds of computers :

    Analog :

    Analog computers are analog devices.
    That is, they have continuous states rather than discrete numbered states.
    An analog computer can represent fractional or irrational values exactly, with no round-off.
    Analog computers are almost never used outside of experimental settings.

    Digital :

    A digital computer is a programmable clocked sequential state machine.
    A digital computer uses discrete states.
    A binary digital computer uses two discrete states, such as positive/negative, high/low, on/off, used to represent the binary digits zero and one.

    Computer Main Parts :

    Arithmetic and logic
    Main storage
    External storage
    Input/output overview

    All these parts are collectively referred to as Computer Hardware.

    Hardware Definition :

    The physical components which you can see, touch and feel in the computer system are called hardware.

    E.g Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse etc.

    Once you know about the Hardware, you will get a doubt what is Software ?

    Software Definition :

    Software is used to describe the instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task.

    Software is categorized as :

    1) System Software's E.g :- Operating systems, compilers, editors etc)

    2) Application Software's E.g :- MS-word, excel, accounting packages etc)

    For More Info regarding Computer Hardware you can log on to :



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    Re: What is meant by computer hardware?

    Hi friend...

    Computer Hardware is the collection of physical elements that comprise a computer system.

    It refers to the the physical parts or components of computer such as monitor,keyboard,hard disk,mouse,etc.

    comp hardware.jpg

    We can actually touch the hard disk devices like disks,disks drives,display screens,keyboards,printers,boards and chips.

    Computer accessories which we can define as a computer hardware are listed below.
    1. C.PU (Central Processing Unit)
    2. Monitor
    3. Keyword
    4. Printer
    5. Scanner
    6. Joystick
    7. Motherboard
    8. CD/DVD ROM
    9. Mouse
    10. Microphone
    11. Speaker
    12. Light Pen
    13. Touch pad
    14. Hard Disk
    15. SMPS
    When we compare hardware to software,software is untouchable.

    Softwares exists as ideas,concepts and symbols but it has no substance.

    A combination of hardware and software devices constitute computer system.

    I hope you understood the term clearly.


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