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    What is meant by blogging? How can I do it? How to earn money through blogging?


    what is meant by bloging ? how can i do that.i want to know that how can i earn money by blogging.
    thanking u.

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    Re: What is meant by blogging? How can I do it? How to earn money through blogging?

    This is a wonderful question. In fact honestly few years back I wondered about this greatly. See blogging means talking basically. There can be a topics related to which you talk or I mean share your views online. the topic can be decided by the website that you have joined as an online blogger.
    Or you yourself can decide on the topic to share your views on, with people. Now there will a lot of other people who will read your blog. They can be a member of that website or they may be a guest to the website. They may share their views on your view, they may advise you on your view, they may like it or they may dislike your view. Now mostly websites pay the blogger based on the viewer's reactions. If the reactions are good enough you get paid higher. Also sometimes blogger get paid monthly like a normal employee. But one danger remains. there are many fraud websites. they say that they will pay you hugely. They ask you about your bank's pin number and your account number etc. for payment. then you wait a long time. Not only your payment gets delayed, you also see fraudulent transactions being done through your account number. So be very careful and investigate properly on web portals before joining a blogging site.

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